► Judge Rosendo Morales of San Luis, AZ; pervert Print
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► Judge Rosendo Morales of San Luis, AZ; pervert


The Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct found Rosie guilty of the following misconduct.

  • Made flirtatious calls to woman who received protective order from Morales against her abusive husband
  • Gave mother legal advise on how to obtain protective order against the father in case pending in his court
  • Told litigant mother off-color joke
  • Exchanged intimate sexual info with litigant mother
  • Told mother’s son he’d put him in jail if he didn’t listen to her
  • Engaged in illegal ex parte (one-sided) communications

As a consequence of his misconduct, the apologists for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Judicial Commission punished Rosie by gifting him with a complimentary 60-day suspension from his judicial office.


As we speak, (ca. April 2016), Rosie continues to sit as a Magistrate for the san Luis Municipal Court in San Luis, Arizona.