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Cleveland Plain Dealer – Feb. 3, 2005 – Judges may hold disciplinary hearing on Resnick


Besides facing criminal charges, Justice Alice Robie Resnick could face a disciplinary hearing before a panel of judges from Ohio’s 12 appellate court districts.
Self-described court watchdog David Palmer has already registered a complaint. Jon Coughlan, the Supreme Court’s disciplinary counsel, could also file a complaint, but he declined to comment Wednesday.
Complaints involving justices go to the chief justice of the appellate division, Michael Fain, of the 2nd Ohio District Court of Appeals. Fain would appoint a three-judge probable cause panel to examine the complaint. The panel can dismiss charges or call for a special investigator appointed by Fain.
If ethics violations are discovered, the case would be heard by 12 appeals court judges with Fain presiding. The judges can dismiss the case, issue a reprimand or suspension or order disbarment.