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Bay St. Louis, Mississippi Prosecutor Pamela Hancock; bigoted loser


The state of Mississippi presented Pamela Hancock with a law license in 2013 after she graduated from the Mississippi College of Law.


To further establish herself as a dyed-in-the-wool bigot, Pam made the following racist statement on her Facebook account.


“We can only hope the deadly strain [Coronavirus] spreads in riots.”


Shortly after the bigoted post, numerous attorneys signed an open letter criticizing Pam, which stated in part:

  • “Your comments evinced a racial undertone and potential bias which we find unacceptable, especially in a public official.”
  • “There must be no hint that you, as a prosecutor, carry any racial animus or bias in your work, and that is why your social media post was so damaging to your professional credibility and to our criminal justice system.”

Unfortunately, the taxpayers in Madison County are forced to pay Pam the Bigot an annual salary of $120,000. In addition, she practices law on the side.


As we speak (ca. July 2020), Pam continues to be employed as Madison County Prosecutor in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.


In addition, Pam practices her brand of law with The Hancock Law Firm PLLC at 85 5 South Pear Orchard Road in Ridgeland, Mississippi.