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County Attorney Michael Todd of Louisa, KY; nepotism afficiando


The state of Kentucky presented Michael Todd Hogan with a law license in 1994 after he graduated from Northern Kentucky University School of Law.


The Kentucky auditor of public accounts, Mike Harmon announced that his audit of Lawrence County Prosecutor Michael Todd’s expenditures of public fund has caused him to refer the matter to the FBI and the state attorney.


It is alleged that Mikey engaged in the following misconduct, some of which may be criminal in nature.

  • Awarded $134,000 in bonuses to empoyees from delinquent tax fees
  • $126,500 of the $134,000 was paid to Mikey’s wife, who worked as a secretary in his office

Mikey’s Hyperbolice (BS) Defense


In responding to the investigation of giving his wife $126,500 in bonues over a two-year period of time, Mikey told a reporter at the Louisville Courier Journal that the bonuses didn’t violate any legal or ethical guidelines. He then went on make the following laughable statement.


“My wife the true indispensable, full-time employee of the office.”


Clearly, Mikey missed his calling as a standup comedian.  


State Auditor Harmon stated that the bonuses paid to Mikey’s wife may violate the Kentucky Constitution. He added that the magnitude of the bonuses paid to Mikey’s wife “indicates substantial personal benefit to the county attorney, potentially violating the Lawrence County Code of Ethics.”


I seriously doubt that Mikey’s wife earned over $60,000 a year as a secretary at his office, which means she sure as hell would not have been qualified to receive annual bonuses that exceeded her annual salary.


In addition to the referrals to the FBI and Kentuky Attorney General regarding the $126,500 bonues paid to Mikey’s wife,  Mr. Harmon stated he is referring Mikey’s matter to the IRS, Kentucky Department of Revenue and the Lawrence County Ethics Commission. In making the announcement, Mr. Harmon said:

  • “We had found in other audits small bonuses that were in violation of the Section 3 of the constitution, but this one was so sizable, so it's certainly unfortunate.”
  • “Amount of bonuses directed to Hogan’s wife was shocking.”

All that’s left now is to see how long it takes for Mikey to cop a plea in order to reduce the amount of time he may have to spend in jail.


As we speak (ca. June 2020), Mikey continues to be employed as the Lawrence County Attorney (Prosecutor) in Louisa, Kentucky.