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Attorney Elizabeth Hapner of Tampa; serial liar, loser

The state of Florida presented Elizabeth Lynn Hapner with a law license in 1981 after she graduated from the University of Florida.
For several years, Elizabeth sat as a Circuit Court Judge in Hillsborough County. During her tenure on the bench, the Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC) found Judge Hapner guilty of the following misconduct.
  1. She virtually abandoned her law practice and neglected several clients during the time she ran for office as a county court judge (More
  2. Failed to properly communicate with numerous clients
  3. Failed to properly document fee agreements
  4. Failed to meet necessary deadlines
  5. Made misrepresentations (lied) to the 2ndf District Court of Appeals and Investigative Panel of the JQC
  6. Made misrepsenations (lied) to multiple clients
  7. Allowed her operating and trust accounts to become overdrawn (bad checks)
The JQC also found Liz guilty of giving inaccurate [false], incomplete, and misleading testimony [perjury] in a domestic violence proceeding against her ex-husband, Paul Rockhill. Liz the Liar claimed she had tape records of her husband making threats of physical violence; however, the tapes proved that Liz lied under oath.
As a consequence of her egregious misconduct, the Florida Supreme Court punished Liz by ordering that she be removed from her judicial office.
Because Judicial Misfits in Florida are held to a much lower standard of conduct then everyone else, Liz was never criminally charged with perjury and/or obstruction of justice. In addition, the Florida State Bar never took any action to have Liz’s law license suspended or revoked.
As we speak (ca. April 2012) Liz practices law at 304 South Plant Avenue in Tampa.