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Obama to seize Conservatives’ Homes and give them to Immigrants 


During a recent (02/13/15) edition of Untrunews, comedian host Rick Wiles spoke with fellow bigot Brett Creamer about a “series of dreams and visions” Creamer had wherein:


He “saw a tsunami wave strike the southeastern United States, and the aftermath of an economic collapse in which private property is seized from middle-class homeowners and given to illegal immigrants.”


Rick the Comic commented on Creamers tsunami statement by saying:


The Creamer’s dreams confirmed my suspicions that Obama may one day seize all private property, especially the homes of conservatives, and hand over the land to undocumented immigrants.” Ricky went on to say:

  • “There’s a real possibility that all private property could be confiscated in the United States of America.”
  • “Could it be hard for you to imagine Barack Obama taking homes from middle class, conservative people and giving them to illegal immigrants who just came into the country? That's a no-brainer for me, that is a redistribution of wealth.”

Wouldn’t it be like really if Obama could enact an executive order to confiscate the brains of illegals and have them transplanted into the heads of bigoted losers and morons like Dave and those of his ilk? Now that’d be a useful expenditure of tax dollars!


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