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Attorney Joyce Julian of Ft. Lauderdale; dimwitted drunk; ethical dwarf


The state of Florida provided Joyce Julian with a law license in 1992 after she graduated from Nova Southeastern University School of Law.

FYI: Nova Southeastern is ranked as the 170th best law school in the country out of 202 ABA accredited schools.

In early 2002, the Florida Judicial Qualifications Judicial Commission (JQC) filed misconduct charges against then-Judge Joyce Julian. Subsequently, Joyce was found guilty of the following misconduct.
  • Verbally abusing a valet
  • Crashed a private party
  • Announced she wanted to “pick up a cowboy” 
  • Drank until she was falling down on the lounge dance floor while attending a judges’ conference at the posh Amelia Island Plantation near Jacksonville
Joyce was spotted at 3 a.m. lying on a floor in a hotel corridor, rising to take off her pants and trying to hide behind an ice maker.
In a written statement to authorities Joyce lied when she laughingly said, “I was on the third-floor balcony when a man in a black long coat – leather – came and attacked me.” Hey Joyce, sure he wasn’t wearing spiked heals and carrying a whip?
Judge Julian further said, when I had a problem dealing with the attack, they arrested me and drove me over 1 ½ hours – held me until I wrote a statement under threat of arrest. This was one of the worst experiences of my life.” She also said that someone had spiked her drink before sexually assaulting her. Kinda tugs at your heart, right?
When asked to sign the statement, Judge Julian refused, saying it was “a lie” according to a police report. Nassau County Sheriff Ray Geiger said Joyce would not be charged with making a false statement. Of course not — since she’s a judge and a lawyer it was presumed that she would lie!
After a two-week investigation, the authorities concluded that Judge Julian’s story was a total fabrication. Her attorney, citing blackout problems, negotiated some time in rehab, and magically all the charges disappeared. 
Judge Julian’s attorney’s hyperbolic (BS) comments
“From the outset, her position to the County Sheriff has been that she has no recollection of the events because she blacked out and was in fear of what may have happened,” said her lawyer, Michael Dutko. Joyce’s real fear was that she would be found out and finally disrobed for the last time.
Ol’ Mike must be positioning himself for a judgeship in the future to spew forth such BS. If, from the outset of the incident, Joyce blacked out and couldn’t recall anything, then how does he explain her action in fabricating a false report to the police that someone in a black leather coat attacked her? I see Mike! Drunk enough to not recall the truth, but not too drunk to fabricate a lie.
Joyce’s Comeuppance at the Polls
On Nov. 2002 the voters (99.5% of whom were sober) voted to oust Joyce from office. This was the first time in more than 25 years that a sitting circuit judge was voted out of office. It is rumored that the 0.5% of the voters that were not sober, consisted of judicial officers and attorneys.
Compare this outcome to the complimentary reprimand the enablers/apologists sitting on the Judicial Commission meted out to this celebrated lush!
As we speak (ca. June 2021) Joyce practices her so-called brand of law with Joyce A. Julian PA at 1323 SE 4th Avenue in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

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