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U.S. Judge Juan Perez-Gimenez of Puerto Rico; ethical loser


The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico provided Juan Manuel Perez-Gimenez with a law license in 1968 after he graduated from the University of Puerto Rico Law School.


Former President Jimmy Carter was duped into appointing Juan as a District Court Judge for the District of Puerto Rico located in 1979. Juan didn’t receive the appointment because he was the most qualified attorney in Puerto Rico. He received it because he had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks.


Juan has had his significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough for the past forty-three (43) years. Apparently, no respectable law firm in Puerto Rico was about to offer Juan a good paying job.


It should be noted that Juan assumed Senior Status in March 2006. This means that Juan is only required to work 10 hours per week while continuing to receive a fully salary of $199,100.


In a recent ruling on the matter of same-sex marriage, Juan decided to interject his personal opinion on the issue in upholding a ban on marriage equality in Puerto Rico. Whether your for or against marriage equality is totally irrelevant when considering the asinine basis for Juan’s ruling.


In his ruling Juan said “Because no right to same-gender marriage emanates from the Constitution, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico should not be compelled to recognize such unions.” Juan went on to state:


“Traditional marriage is the fundamental unit of the political order. And ultimately the very survival of the political order depends upon the procreative potential embodied in traditional marriage.”

“Are laws barring polygamy, or, say the marriage of fathers and daughters, now of doubtful validity?”


Only a bigoted moron would even suggest that legalizing same-sex marriage could lead to laws allowing for incestuous marriages between fathers and daughters.


Juan’s absurd ruling flies in the face of numerous rulings by federal judges, including the Supreme Court finding that marriage equality is a right that cannot be denied to gay couples. 


Unfortunately, this is what you get when the only qualification to secure a federal judgeship is being a loser


As we speak (ca. November 2014), Juan continues to sit as a U.S. District Court judge in San Juan, Puerto Rico.




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