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Ex-Judge Brandt Downey III of Clearwater, FL; certified pervert, moron

In the late 1990s through the mid-2000s, Judge Brandt Downey sat on the Court in Clearwater, Florida.
In 2005, the Florida Judicial Commission charged that Downey habitually (2002-2005) viewed pornography on the courthouse computer. He was also charged with improper conduct and communication with female attorneys.
Judge Brandt Downey admitted to the porn charge, which caused computer viruses to infect his computer and unwittingly exposed numerous courthouse personnel to pornographic images that Brandt had downloaded.
Psychiatrist Findings as to Judge Downey’s
A psychiatrist employed by the Judicial Commission concluded that Downey was not addicted to porn; however, the psychologist warned that any cases with similarities to Judge Brandt Downey’s situation [involving certified perverts] could affect his ability to be objective. Pray Tell!
Judge Downey’s So-Called Punishment
As a result of his admitted perverted conduct, Judge Brandt Downey was gifted with a “complimentary reprimand” by the apologists/enablers (Is there another kind?) employed by the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission.
When he returned to the bench after his paid leave, Judge Brandt Downey’s Internet access was limited for six months. Hardly seems fair, right? Where do these ingrates get off limiting Downey’s unfettered access to port sites at public expense? What’ll they do next? Demand that judges actually work 3-4 hours a day for their $140,000 salaries?
Judge Downey received a complimentary reprimand from the Supreme Court and was allowed to retain his judgeship until his term ended on Jan. 1, 2007 at which time he retired. This so-called punishment is further proof that judges are without doubt “held to a lower standard of conduct” then we are.
For his last six months on the bench, Judge Demers found it acceptable to appoint Downey on a panel that reviews civil appeals. According to a 2005 study by the Pinellas-Pasco Public Defender’s office, since 2000, Downey has been reversed by reviewing panels 72 times, which is more than any other judge.
What kind of fool would appoint someone of Downey’s ilk to a review panel to review lower-court decisions? Judge Demers is an unmitigated embarrassment to every judge in Florida that is engaged in conducting himself or herself in an ethical manner. This dwarfish intellect (Demers) should forever be barred from sitting as a judge.

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