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Justice Louise Charron of Canada; ethical gremlin, apologist for Judicial Misfits


While acting as Chief Justice of the Canada Supreme Court in 2004, Justice Louis Charron was directly involved in determining the appropriate punishment to be meted out to Judge Kerry Evans of Barrie, Ontario.
In 2004 Judge Kerry Evans was charged with
and/or found guilty of engaging in a plethora sexual misconduct that involved femal court employees.
  • Grabbing a women’s crotch
  • Sticking his tongue down a court employee’s throat
  • Force feeding jujubes onto court employees
  • Bragging about the size of his penis to female court employees
  • Patting/groping the groins and buttocks of court employees
For additional information re: Judge Kerry Evans view the URL below.
Is attorney Kerry Evans of Ontario, Canada a disgusting pervert? Yes!!!
While presiding over Judge Kerry Evans’ disciplinary hearing as a member of the Judicial Counsel, Justice Louise Charron stated, “Any touching to the buttocks, legs, pelvic genital area that is not immediately acknowledged by an apology would be reasonably construed as an undesired sexual contact.” What kind of hyperbolic (BS) comment is this?
According to Justice Louise Charron, had Judge Kerry Evans immediately apologized for grabbing a woman’s crotch area or sticking his tongue down another woman’s throat, his conduct would have been acceptable. Would the following be acceptable apologies Madam Justice Charron?
Goshes and Gollies and Gee Whillickers, I’m sorry that I accidentally rammed my tongue down your throat
Damn it; please accept my apology for accidentally grabbing your crotch. I mistook it for your elbow.
Hey sweetie that really was an accident when I force fed you jujubes. I didn’t realize you were on a sugar-free diet. Please accept my sincerest apology!
What a dumbass! All Judge Kerry Evans had to do to satisfy Justice Louise Charron was apologize every time he grabbed an ass, touched a crotch and/or force fed jujubes down a woman’s throat with his tongue, and he would not have lost his judicial job.
Unfortunately for my Canadian friends, Madam Justice Charron continues to sit on the Supreme Court of Canada.
Justice Louise Charron’s conduct as the quintessential enabler/apologist for Judicial Misfits in Canada only further proves that judges are in fact “held to a lower standard of conduct” then we are.
On behalf of my Canadian brethern, I wish to extend our sincerest thanks for your years of disservice on the bench!



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