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Today's Judicial Misfit is: Boston Bankruptcy Judge Robert Somma


U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert (aka, Roberta) Somma was arrested in New Hampshire in Feb 2008 for driving under the influence. At the time of her arrest; Roberta was wearing a black cocktail dress, fishnet stockings and high heels. The arresting officer did not make mention of Roberta’s garb in his police report, but did mention that Roberta “had a difficult time locating his license in his purse.” (The Union LeaderConcord Monitor)
Roberta’s arrest came about after he rear-ended a male driver (Say what?) in a pickup truck. (Boston Globe)
I don’t know about you guys, but me thinks that most fellows would not find Roberta to be attractive, right? In fact, I think she would have trouble picking up a date at the local blind society in Boston. In truth, I believe Roberta would be declared unattractive via the brail system.
Enablers support Roberta’s conduct
Attorney Paul D. Moore, a partner with Duane Morris LLP in Boston who works the bankruptcy circuit embarked on a campaign to persuade Roberta to withdraw her anticipated resignation and remain on the bench. Apparently, Moore was able to obtain signatures from around 200 other attorney enablers and apologists in seeking to have Roberta remain on the bench.
You have to really wonder about the mentality and ethics of attorneys who would openly argue to retain Roberta on the bench, right?
Circuit Judge Wente Praises Roberta
Judge Gary H. Wente is Circuit Executive for the First Circuit Court of Appeals located in Boston. In addition, he also acts as chief enabler and apologist for all district and appellate judges along with bankruptcy judges. After Roberta was outed as a result of her arrest in Feb, Wente said, “He made a mistake; he took responsibility for it.” This is nothing more than hyperbolic dribble at best. Who in the hell did Wente believe was responsible for Roberta’s conduct. Maybe he thought it was Roberta’s make-up man or his fashion designer!
Wente went on to say, “He was an absolutely excellent judge and has been and will remain a member of the bar. His judicial skills and temperament will be sorely missed.” How about the entertainment value she provided to the court in her cross-dressing role, Gary? Ya think some of your fellow jurists will miss her skills and temperament while she was donning a sexy cocktail dress and high heel pumps verses that bland judicial robe and Bostonian loafers.  
Roberta’s resignation
On April 1, 2008 (appropriate date to say the least), Roberta finally resigned from the bench. Prior to the resignation, court officials said Roberta is a judge in good standing (even while wearing pink pumps and drunk?) and has no history of problems. No history of problems you say? Give me a break!

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