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Attorney Alan Bail of Los Angeles; moronic loser 


The state of California provided Alan C. Bail with a law license in 1979 after he graduated from the Loyola University Law School in Los Angeles.


The California State Bar Court found Alan guilty of the following misconduct

  1. Failed to provide competent representation (Moron)
  2. Failed to pay out client funds
  3. Failed to respond to client inquiries
  4. Failed to keep clients informed as to developments in their cases
  5. Failed to return client files after being fired
  6. Misappropriated (stole) client funds
  7. Failed to hold client funds in a client trust account

In one matter, Alan deposited $145,000 into his trust account, of which $42,000 should have been paid to the U.S. Postal Service, his client’s employer, for reimbursement of workers’ compensation benefits, and another $31,000 to seven medical providers.


Alan paid one doctor 9 months after his receipt of the $145,000, paid two medical liens 20 months later, and failed to pay the rest. Several years after the settlement, Alan still owed the postal service more than $14,000, but his client trust account had a balance of less than $2,000.


In second matter, Alan failed to file a lawsuit on his client’s behalf that resulted in his client suffering a significant financial loss.


In a third matter, Alan lost another case and judgment was entered for opposing clients for their costs, but he failed to inform his clients.


As one would suspect, this wasn’t Alan’s First bite at the Attorney Misfits Apple Tree. He was previously disciplined for failing to return a client file, return unearned fees or account for client funds.


As a consequence of his misconduct, the supporters for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Bar Court punished Alan by gifting him with a complimentary stayed 2-year suspension of his law license.


In truth, the comedians sitting on the Bar Court didn’t mete out any meaningful punishment to Alan.


As we speak (ca. September 2014) Alan practices at 11931 Lawler Street in Los Angeles, California.



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