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Prosecutor Kevin Baxter engages in illicit sex with witness in murder trial

In 1994, Kevin Baxter prosecuted a murder trial of Vivian Johnson in the Erie County Court of Common Pleas in Sandusky, Ohio. Ms. Johnson was murdered in a drive by shooting on Parrish Street in Sandusky.
At the murder trial, Kevin Baxter called Ms. Krista Harris as a prosecution witness. Ms. Krista Harris was a young and attractive African-American.
According to the sworn affidavits (testimony) of Krista Harris, Kevin Baxter encouraged her to perjure herself (aka, suborning perjury, a felony in Ohio) in order that Mr. Baxter could obtain a murder conviction against three black males who were on the scene at the time of the murder.
According to the sworn affidavits of Krista Harris, while the murder trial was ongoing, Prosecutor Kevin Baxter invited her to his residence at 1630 Willow Drive in Cedar Point. Ms. Harris went on to testify that while she was at Kevin Baxter’s residence they drank wine while “going over her testimony.” She went on to testify that one thing led to another and they ended up having sex.
At the time that Prosecutor Kevin Baxter was screwing Ms. Krista Harris he was married to Becky Baxter. Kevin Baby, sez, so what?
Ms. Harris went on to testify that subsequently, Kevin Baxter needed her testimony to secure yet another conviction against one of the suspects in the murder of Vivian Johnson. Ms. Harris testified that she refused to perjure herself again, which then led to the release of the admitted shooter Shawn Caston. This later led to Shawn Caston being released from prison while his two alleged accomplices remained incarcerated.
Ms. Krista Harris then cut Kevin Baxter off sexually (sadly, she didn’t give Kevin the Lorena Bobbitt treatment he so richly deserved) after the statute of limitations ran on the perjury charges Kevin Baxter had threatened to file against her to keep her in line.
Ultimately, the conviction of the alleged murderers wherein Ms. Krista Harris gave perjured testimony at the urging of Prosecutor Kevin Baxter was reversed due to his egregious misconduct and sent back to the trial court. What a loser!
And finally, how in the hell was this buffoon able to consistently dupe the voters in Erie County, Ohio to repeatedly elect him as their Prosecutor. Of course, had the public officials aforementioned did their sworn duty to investigate Kevin Baxter based on the irrefutable evidence of serial frauds that I proved to them in late 2002, he wouldn’t

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