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First Lady Michelle Obama dislikes America!


During a recent (08/13/14) appearance on the Fox News Comedy Network, so-called psychiatrist and paid member of the Fox News Medical A-Hole List, Dr. Keith Ablow decided to once again attack Michelle. In his first attack he went after Michelle for allegedly being overweight and for her attempts to engender better eating habits for young children.


Dr. Ablow said the following to the low I.Q. viewers that tune in to the Fox Comedy Network:


“I’m not taking food advice from an American who dislikes America, who in many photographs during her tenure as first lady is obviously not fit, and who has a record of saying things that show that she’s two-faced.”


Of course Ablow will tell any falsehoods and/or defame anyone to satisfy the assorted bigots and morons that are in charge of the Fox Comedy Network.


In the old days back in Toledo, Ohio, my school chums and I would have taken a defamer and congenital liar like Ablow down to the Ten Mile Creek just behind the old DeVilbiss factory on Manhattan Blvd. and treated him to what is now called water-boarding if Michelle was our Mother.


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