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Ohio Disciplinary Counsel Jonathan Coughlan; malevolent martinet, ethically inept

According to Judge Daniel Gaul of Cleveland, Jonathon Coughlan’s credentials for acting in an unbiased manner in disciplining wayward judges/attorneys is questionable to say the least.
In an interview with reporter Leila Atassi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer (9/21/09), Judge Daniel Gaul stated he was convinced that the case against him was fueled by vengeance. Those seeds, he says, were planted two years ago at a legal symposium at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University, where Judge Gaul publicly criticized Coughlan for pursuing only the low-hanging fruit in his investigations, while letting important cases of misconduct in the legal community slide through the cracks.
Kudos to Judge Daniel Gaul for having the courage to tell it like it is. Put simply, the truth will set you free.
Jonathan Coughlan was personally selected to his post as Chief of Ohio Disciplinary Counsel by Chief Justice Thomas Moyer many, many years ago.
I’ve spent many, many years investigating judicial misconduct during Mr. Coughlan’s undistinguished reign as chief apologist/enabler for judicial/attorney misfits in Ohio. In the past, Mr. Jonathan Coughlin has refused to take any disciplinary action regarding the following matters despite being provided with drop-dead evidence.
  • Judges billing for travel expenses they provably did not incur 
  • Attorneys suing ex-clients for time spent responding to grievances filed w/Coughlan
  • Retired judges repeatedly billing for hours they provably did not work
  • Judges refusing mandatory recusal when evidence of bias was not in dispute
  • Retired judges billing state/counties for judicial services while attending out-of-state seminars
  • Judges accepting campaign contributions from court employees
  • Judges engaging in egregious ex parte communications
  • Attorney billing one-hour and collecting $150 fee for reading one-paragraph court order
  • Attorneys claiming to have spent 86.0 hours authoring a two-page generic pleading
  • Lawyer billing two or more clients on same day for travel to and from court
  • Retired judge illegally billing Cuyahoga County for mileage and meals when he was a resident of the County in violation of Ohio law
  • Retired judge repeatedly billing two counties for the same mileage and/or meals on same day
  • Retired judge billing a full day’s pay for judicial services while acting as a “fact witness” before the Ohio Court of Claims
  • Retired repeatedly billing state for the cost of booze (multiple martinis and/or bottles of wine)
I could if I wished go on and on and on; however, Judge Gaul is absolutely correct that Mr. Coughlan only “pursues the low-hanging fruit,” while refusing to go after well-connected attorneys and/or judges. On behalf of the sea of provable victims of attorney/judicial misconduct over the years, on their behalf, thanks Mr. Coughlan!
Maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh on Jonathan Coughlin for refusing to go after judges or lawyers who have bilked the state and/or their clients. After all, his record of hosing the state for travel expenses he clearly was not lawfully entitled to is sufficient evidence in support of Judge Gaul’s comments.





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