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Federal Judge Aleta Trauger of Nashville; one of the good gals


Judge Aleta Trauger has been sitting on the federal bench in Nashville since 1998.
In the mid-1990s, I was involved in litigation with attorney E. J. Leizerman of Toledo, Ohio who owed me over $50,000 for para-legal services I provided to him and his law firm.
Shortly after the trial court in Toledo set a trial date on my claims v. Leizerman, he filed a motion with the court seeking to have the trial date cancelled. Leizerman told the court that this trial date conflicted with a trial date already scheduled to be held in Federal Court in Nashville.
Aware of Leizerman’s prior history of filing sham motions to cancel trial dates, I then faxed a letter along with a copy of E.J. Leizerman’s motion to Judge Aleta Trauger. I did this despite comments by lawyer friends of mine that a federal judge would not likely respond.
Within a couple of days I received a letter from Judge Aleta Trauger wherein she fully exposed attorney E. J. Leizerman’s trial conflict claim as untrue. In fact, Judge Trauger stated her docket for that month was totally clear because she was scheduled to be on vacation.
It was indeed refreshing to know that a federal judge would take the time to respond to an inquiry from a pro se (non-represented) party such as myself.
However, it is patently clear to me that Judge Aleta Trauger acted in accordance with the mandates of the Code of Judicial Conduct and her oath in alerting the court in Toledo as to attorney Leizerman’s egregious misconduct.
Put simply, Judge Aleta Trauger proved that ethics was of the utmost importance!

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