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Judge Jeanine Howard of Dallas; incompetent boob


Donna Meadows Price was presented with a law license from the West Virginia Supreme Court in 2000.






The state of Texas presented Jeanine Larussa Howard with a law license in 1987 after she graduated from the Southern Methodist University (SMU) LawSchool.


Jeanine succeeded in duping the voters in the Dallas area into electing her as a judge on the Criminal District Court in Dallas.


Judge Howard was the presiding judge in a rape case involving 20-year-old Sir Young, who had pleaded guilty to raping a 14-year-old girl in 2011.


After his guilty plea, Jeanine sentenced the rapist to probation and limited some of the conditions that are normally placed on a convicted sex offender.


Jeanine’s patty-cake sentence of the rapist wasn’t the only thing that raised the ire of the local citizens. Jeanine also ordered the rapist to perform 250 hours of community service at a rape crisis center. However, the DallasAreaRapeCrisis Center didn’t want him to complete his hours there.


In an interview with the Dallas Morning News, Jeanine defended her asinine sentence by saying she questioned the veracity of the 14-year-old rape victim. In short, Judge Howard placed the blame for the rape on the victim.


After the media got involved in Judge Howard’s absurd sentencing of the rapist, she withdrew from any further participation in the case.


Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins told the Associated Press that he would ask the new judge to order a review of the rapist’s probation in order to impose stricter conditions. Watkins went on to say:


  • “In this case, when a victim comes forward and the person that they put their trust in -- the judge -- calls into question their credibility ... does a disservice to our ability as prosecutors.”



Dallas, Texas. 



As we speak (ca. May 2014), Jeanine continues to sit as a criminal court judge in


  • “The judge basically blamed the victim for what happened to her.”


In 2008, Donna succeeded in duping the voters of Pocahontas County into electing her as their Prosecuting Attorney. She is attempting to dupe them again in 2012 by seeking to be re-elected.

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