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Ex-judge Merle Wilcox of Island County, Washington; certified pervert, misogynist

After reading the facts below I’m confident that you’ll agree that ex-Judge Merle Wilcox is in fact one big time pervert and misogynist.
Even though Judge Merle Wilcox is no longer a judge and doesn’t actively practice law, his case conclusively proves that judges are without doubt “held to a lower standard of conduct” then we are.
Judge Merle Wilcox sat on the bench in Island County, Washington from 1983 through 1995 when he resigned.
In May 1995, the Washington Judicial Commission charged Judge Merle Wilcox with the following egregious misconduct:
Child Molestation and Sexual Misconduct with a Minor
Judge Merle Wilcox (aka, The Perv) repeatedly molested his twin 12-year-old stepdaughters as follows:
  • Came into the bathroom when they were exiting the shower or dressing
  • Repeatedly tickled and slipped his hands onto the breasts of Bethany who was 11-14 years old
  • While dancing with the twins, he rubbed their vaginas
  • While river-rafting with one twin, he stuck his tongue in her ear
  • While one twin was on a couch, he straddled her until she yelled at him to stop
  • He snuck into one twin’s bedroom and kissed her on the lips
Wife-Beating Misogynist
While attending a judicial conference in 1991, Merle became drunk and assaulted his wife Lynne. He poured a bottle of beer on her [this waste of judicial resources didn’t well with the other judicial drunks at the conference]; kicked her in the buttocks; grabbed and pulled her breasts, and jammed his fingers into her vagina. What a guy!
Sexual Assault of Court Employee
In 1983, [the first year after he ascended to the bench], Merle, while in the courthouse, inappropriately touched Mrs. Anderson’s breast [you mean as opposed to appropriate?] and then made sexual comments to her.
Case Fixing
In 1985, Judge Merle Wilcox expunged a traffic citation involving his wife Lynne and then falsified court records to show that she had no prior citations.
Judicial Commission’s Obscene Punishment
To cement its glorified status as a bunch of enablers and apologists for Judicial Misfits, the members of the Washington Judicial Commission gifted Judge Merle Wilcox with a “complimentary” censure. These certified losers also ordered that he:
  • Continue psychological counseling to address his inappropriate behavior [Inappropriate my ass! He’s a damn pedophile!]
  • Counseling must focus on respecting the boundaries of others; particularly women [Give me a break!]
  • Judge Wilcox shall not contact his former stepdaughters or his former wife
  • Judge Wilcox shall not retaliate against any witnesses appearing in this matter
Can you imagine what your punishment would have been had sexually assaulted your stepdaughters; assaulted your wife; falsified court records, and sexually assaulted a fellow employee? I’m thinking ya just might have been sent to cell #216 at Folsom, right?
And lastly, prior to and immediately upon ascending to the bench in 1983 this Perv was molesting his stepdaughters, assaulting his wife and court personnel. And yet his fellow members of the Judicial and Legal Industry did nothing over the next 11 years (1983-1994) to out this disgusting individual, thereby acquiescing in his continued misconduct.
This just goes to prove that in addition to being apologists and enablers for Judicial Misfits, they are also nothing more than a bunch of arrogant Whatchamakallits.

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