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Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio of Las Vegas; loathsome pervert, celebrated moron


In addition to being a detestable pervert, there can be no doubt that Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio was the poster child for imbeciles (my sincerest apologies to imbeciles) in the Nevada Legal Industry.
As an acknowledged and celebrated moron, Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio had to apply five times before he was accepted into law school at the William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, MN. It is rumored that he did quite well in that he graduated 21st in his class even though there were only 22 students in the class.
Moreover, the moron lost seven (7) elections before wearing out the voters in Las Vegas into electing him a new judgeship on the Family Court in Las Vegas. This was after the idiot sought four (4) appointments to judicial positions without success. (Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal, ca. 11/19/00)
In 1994, in an effort to forever cement his status as a halfwit, Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio actually filed as a candidate for a non-existent judgeship. Is this guy a dumbass or what?
After winning the election on his seventh attempt, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he planned to host a radio show the next year [2001] called “Ask the Pervert,” I’m sorry I mean “Ask the Judges.”
Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio the “Perv”
In February 2008, Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio was charged with having a sexual relationship with the daughter (actually stepdaughter) of his ex-wife who was 14 at the time by the Nevada Judicial Commission.
Of course the news media, etc. had a field day about Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio banging his 14-year-old stepdaughter. I don’t know about you folks, but what’s the big deal here? After all it wasn’t like she was his real daughter, right?
Ol’ Nick the Perv was also accused of taking nude photos of his 14-year-old stepdaughter and had her perform oral sex on him. (Las Vegas Review-Journal) Ol’ Nick retained the photos after he became a judge but discarded them after an orthopedic physician diagnosed him with a severe case of tennis elbow.
Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio had the chutzpah to claim that his felonious sexual realationship with his 14-year-old stepdaughter was "consensual."
Consensual sex, you say Nicky Baby? Well maybe that’s true since an unreliable source indicated that Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio’s first girl friend had a limited vocabulary that limited her to responding to his aggresive sexual overtures by sayiing,  “Bah, Bah, Bah!. 
The Judicial Commission also charged Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio of sexual misconduct and abuse of power, including coercing a judicial assistant into having a sexual relationship with him. (Las Vegas Review-Journal) I can understand why Judge Del Vecchio had to “strong-arm” the judicial assistant into having sex with him. Just look at the photo of Del Vecchio above, which speaks for itself if ya know what I mean. Ol’ Nick won’t ever be mistaken as a “lady’s man,” right?
With legalized prostitution not too far away (Mustang Ranch), you’d think that ol’ Nick would have been a regular patron, right? Well you’re wrong folks! Again, an unreliable source indicated that ol’ Nick’s mug shot was posted as a warning at all of the legal brothels in Nevada. Can ya blame them from doing so?
Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio the “Bigot” and “Il Duce Wannabee
The Judicial Commission also charged Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio of using racial slurs against black and Hispanic court staff and of coercing staff into buying him lunches and airline tickets.
It is rumored that the airline tickets were for the purpose of Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio traveling to attend bi-annual seminars held by a group called “Perverts United” (PU).
In October 2008, the Judicial Commission removed Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio from the bench after he admitted to numerous sexual improprieties, including having sex in hotels with a staff member during working hours. Gotta question the tastes of this staff member, right? I guess this means that the Clark County taxpayers were forced to pay for being screwed twice. Once by Ol’ Nick and secondly by the county employee he was screwing on the taxpayer’s dime. Isn’t Clark County a wonderful country?
Ms. Mary Boetsch, special prosecutor for the Judicial Commission, described Judge Del Vecchio as a man with great sexual hunger. Is this an understatement or what? This would be akin to asserting that Father John Geoghan of Boston had a “great hunger” for young boys.
Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio was a Family Court Judge who was responsible for looking out for the welfare of children that the victims of abuse. Talk about putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop!
In my opinion, the powers-to-be in Nevada, (Nevada Supreme Court/Judicial Commission) had, in my opinion, a fiduciary duty  (aka, having the nature of a trust) to the citizens of Clark County to properly alert them to Nicholas Del Vecchio’s shortcomings before they were duped into electing him as a family court judge in 2000. Had they so acted, the good citizens of Las Vegas could have been spared the indignity and embarrassment of having someone of Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio’s ilk (FYI: Nick, Ilk is not a male Elk) sitting on the family court bench in Las Vegas for eight years.

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