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U.S. Judge Lloyd George of Las Vegas; Bigoted Misogynist, Lifetime Porker

The state of Oregon presented Lloyd D. George with a law license in 1961 after he graduated from the University of California at Berkeley Law School.
In 1984, former President Ronald Reagan was duped into nominating George as a Judge for the U.S. District Court in Nevada. Lloyd didn’t receive his nomination because he was the most qualified attorney in the greater Las Vegas area. He received because he had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks.
Over the past fifty-one (51) years, Judge George has had his significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough (ca. 1962 to 2013). Apparently, no self respecting law firm in the greater Las Vegas area was about to offer this loser a good paying job.
Over the years, Judge George has been overturned by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals more times than a pancake at the local IHOP. Below are a few examples:
In Riley v. Deeds, George allowed his law clerk to preside over juror’s questions while they deliberated. The Court reversed and stated that George’s conduct “resulted in structural error that rendered the Defendant’s trial fundamentally unfair and deprived him of due process under the Fourteenth Amendment.”
Overt Bias v. Hispanics
In United States v. Velez, the appellate court ordered a re-sentencing because George sentenced Velez, a Hispanic, under the wrong sentencing guidelines so as to justify 75 months of imprisonment for merely filing false reports to the immigration authorities.
In United States v. Quintero-Barraza, George the Bigot sentenced the Hispanic defendant to two prison terms of 151 months each. However, the illegal sentence was vacated by the Court of Appeals on the grounds that the defendant had only been found guilty on one count of the indictment and therefore could not lawfully be sentenced on two counts.
However, in U.S. v. Silver States Disposal Service, the government charged several non-Hispanic defendants with a 26-count indictment for false corporate tax returns, mail fraud, and aiding and abetting, George sentence several of the defendants to probation and the others to less than 24 months in prison.
George the Misogynist
Women who appear before George claiming sexual harassment are treated with the same disdain he holds for Hispanics.
In Heyne v. Caruso, a sexual harassment case, George refused to allow Ms. Heyne to introduce into evidence the probable cause findings of the Nevada Equal Right’s Commission and also excluded the relevant testimony of other female co-workers in regards to the defendant’s sexual harassment.
In reversing George’s misogynistic rulings, the Court of Appeals ruled that George committed reversible error and remanded the case back for a new trial with specific instructions for George to allow the highly relevant testimony of the other female employees.
It is indeed unfortunate that a Bigoted Misogynist like George has been able to impose his bigotry and incompetence on litigants in Clark County, Nevada for the past twenty-nine (29) years.
It should be noted that in 1997 George assumed Senior Status, which means he was and is only required to work 10 hours each week while collecting his full salary of $174,000 (ca. 2013)
As we speak (ca. December 2013), Judge Lloyd, who is 83-years-old continues to sit as a Senior (Retired) District Court Judge in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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