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Magistrate Stanley Gumede of South Africa; Judge Roy Bean Wannabee



FYI: Judge Roy Bean was an infamous Justice of the Peace and saloon owner in Texas who called himself the "The Law West of the Pecos." Roy was also affectionately referred to as the Hanging Judge.

The South Africa Magistrate’s Commission formerly charged Stanley with the following misconduct.

  1. Interfered with the powers/duties of prosecutor while presiding over criminal case
  2. Conduct court proceedings in the absence of the prosecutor
  3. Displayed unbecoming conduct towards several witnesses
  4. Knowingly violated a witnesses due process rights 
  5. Dictated to prosecutors which witnesses they would be able to call
  6. Actively participated in the cross-examination of witnesses
  7. Made improper remarks by stating prosecutor’s evidence was nonsense
  8. Repeatedly engaged in arguing with witnesses while they were testifying
  9. Refused to listen to certain aspects of evidence from several witnesses
  10. Improperly released an accused without conducting a formal bail application
  11. Released an accused from jail in a case that was not assigned to him or his court
  12. Told prosecutor he had already made up his mind about certain evidence before it was presented in court
  13. Used the court as a forum to air his personal grievances against the prosecutor
  14. Continued with cases in court despite absence of prosecutor

In one case, Stanley ordered prosecutor Mshololo to tell him what the witness she intended to call would say to the court, and that until she did that, the witness would not give evidence and further insisted he would not listen to her or her witness. Stanley then barked out the following orders:


“If you cannot listen to what I’m saying, just walk out the door, I lay down the law, it’s going to happen that way.”

“If you want to argue with me, don’t, because it’s not going to happen your way. I have told you what you should do, you should do exactly that.”


Unbelievably, Stanley is believed to be President Jacob Zuma’s choice to lead the Nat’l Prosecuting Authority. Hopefully, President Zuma will not consider this overbearing Moron for such a position.


As we speak (ca. October 2013), Stanley remains working as a Magistrate Judge and will continue in that position until the misconduct complaint against him has been fully adjudicated.



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