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Ann Coulter - Today’s Joseph Goebbels Truth-teller Award Winner


FYI: Joseph Goebbels was the quintessential truth-teller during his tenure as the chief purveyor of propaganda for the Third Reich prior to and during World War II.
Because Jose Goebbels was well-respected in the journalism arena for never skewing the facts; never being biased and more importantly always telling the truth, current and future winners of the “Joseph Goebbels Truth-Teller Award” should rightfully be proud to receive this distinguished and prestigious honor.
Remember one thing folks, so-called unbiased journalistic dispensers of the truth like Walter Cronkite couldn’t hold a candle to the integrity and adherence to the truth as spewed forth by Josef Goebbels. Praise the Lord and pass the truth serum!
In defending the journalistic excellence of Fox News in a Oct. 21, 1999 article titled: “The Grating Communicator,” Ann “The Man” Coulter as is her wont, exposed the outright lies spewed forth by left-wing, commie-pinko sympathizers such as Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow.
Ann Coulter’s primary expose dealt with exposing the lies put forth by Keith Olbermann in regards to the “Willie Horton” ads that were aired during the presidential contest between George W. Bush and Michael Dukakis in 1988.
Annie rightfully excoriated Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews for rolling out the Willie Horton ad and claiming it marked the beginning of vicious personal attacks in politics, as opposed to what Annie described as: The most devastatingly relevant campaign commercial in all of American history.
Claiming that the Willie Horton ad was “the most devastatingly relevant campaign” ad in American history is rightfully akin to arguing that the late Jeffrey Dahmer’s rump roast recipe was the most devastatinly relevant gourmet dining offering of the last twenty years.
Ann Coulter accurately reported that Keith Olberman’s discussion of the Willie Horton ad used a “phony version of the it, doctored to include a photo of Horton. How disgusting is that? The falsity of the matter is that the Willie Horton ad (I personally viewed it on TV many times during the 1988 campaign in Toledo) pictured an African-American. Now, whether it was actually Willie Horton or some other African-American is in truth irrelevant because the sole intent of the ad was to engender racial harmony, I'm sorry I mean racial animus. And it obviously worked!
Ann Coulter went on to say, “I don’t blame Keith for this blatant distortion: He gets all his research material from Markos Moulitsas and other left-wing bloggers, so he can’t be held responsible for the content of his show. Keith’s principal contribution to the program is his nightly display of self-congratulation and pompous douche-baggery.” Whoa Annie - Keith Olberman is a douche-bag? As Yogi Berra was wont to say, "it takes one to know one."
Just because Ann Coulter’s comments are patently false doesn’t mean they can’t be true, right? After all, the truth is in the eyes of the beholder, right? And this is especially true if your I.Q. is less than or equal to the legal speed limit in a school zone.
Kudos to Ann “The Man” Coulter for spewing forth falsehoods, I’m sorry I mean the truth in exposing Keith Olbermann for the truth-teller, again I’m sorry I mean liar that he is. Being witness to Ann Coulter’s consistent truth-telling is enough to give a feller an organism if ya know what I mean.

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