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Judge Judith Eiler of Seattle; moron, ethical gremlin, Il Duce Wannabee

Unfortunately, Judge Judith Eiler has been sitting on the King County District Court since 1992.


Judge Judith Eiler has been disciplined twice by the Washington Commission on Judicial Conduct, once in 2005 and again in 2009.
Judge Judith Eiler’s 1st bite at the discipline tree
Judge Judith Eiler was found guilty of engaging in a practice of rude, impatient, 

and undignified treatment of pro se litigants appearing before her. She would repeatedly interrupt litigants; address them in an angry, condescending or demeaning tone of voice, and threatened to rule against anyone that interrupted her or annoyed her.
On several occasions, Judge Judith Eiler warned litigants if they “want to lose, annoy me” or “if you annoy me that would be a bad thing.” 
Judge Judith Eiler’s hyperbolic (BS) defense
In mitigation, Judge Judy said she was experiencing particular stressors in her personal life during the time in question and failed to recognize that her conduct was inappropriate.   Ain’t that just wonderful? 
Take out your anger at the ‘ol man on those unfortunate enough to have to appear in your so-called court. Is that the approved judicial recipe for overcoming depression Judy? 
Apparently, Judge Judy’s motto is: “Take a bite out of depression, treat the litigants like “shit.”
Judicial Commission Findings
The commission reported that Judge Judith Eiler agreed to participate in ethics training at the National Judicial College in Reno, Nevada or some similar institution. Why not send her to the Huey Long School of Ethics located at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge?
Ethics training for adults! What a bunch of bull. Even worse is the fact that Washington taxpayers get hosed while Judy takes a jaunt to Reno for this worthless exercise in futility.
Didn’t Judy’s Mommy and Daddy teach Judge Judy that it wasn’t nice to act like a tyrant (bitch) when dealing with people in a public forum, and in particular those who are made to pay her exorbitant and for the most part, undeserved wages? 
In an inept attempt at levity, Judge Judith Eiler agreed that she would promptly read and familiarize herself with the Code of Judicial Conduct in its entirety. Yeah, sure she will. 
Judy was a judge for twelve years before she got busted. Are we to believe that she was totally ignorant of the mandates contained in the Code of Judicial Conduct, which is for the most part common sense dictates on how “public servants” should act when dealing with the public.
Apparently, the enablers and apologists on the Judicial Commission actually believe that Judge Judith Eiler actually possess the intellectual capacity to comprehend the mandates in the Code of Conduct. 
Judge Judith Eiler also agreed to participate in behavioral therapy with an emphasis on “sensitivity training.” Give me a break! Sensitivity training for losers like Judy! 
As a result of her misconduct, the Judicial Commission presented Judge Judith Eiler with a complimentary reprimand.
Judge Judith Eiler’s 2nd bite at the discipline tree

As could be expected, in June 2008, the Judicial Commission filed charges against Judge Judith Eiler for engaging in same despicable conduct that to her being disciplined in 2005.
The record clearly indicates that Judge Judith Eiler deserved to be tossed off the bench for her continuing conduct in treating litigants appearing before her with contempt and disdain.
Unfortunately, the enablers at the Judicial Commission allowed Judge Judith Eiler to enter into a stipulated agreement whereby she received a complimentary sixty-day suspension without pay.
The Judicial Commission’s conduct is further evidence that judges are held to a “lower standard of conduct.”
An unreliable source indicated that when Judge Judith Eiler is charged for the third time for engaging in the same misconduct, she will receive a thirty-day taxpayer-funded vacation to Tahiti. Of course it goes without saying, that “three-strikes and you’re out” doesn’t apply to Judicial Misfits such as Judge Judith Eiler.
Unfortunately, Judge Judith Eiler remains on the bench in Seattle.



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