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 Judge Frank Barakett of Quebec;  bigot,  moron, misogynist, arrogant

Unfortunately, Judge Frank Barakett sits as a judge on the Superior Court in Montreal, Quebec.
As you'll see below, Judge Frank Barakett is a bigot, certified moron, misogynist, ethically insolvent, arrogant, Il Duce Wannabe, and most importantly actually believes that his "bowel movement is without odor," and these are just some of his finer points.
In a successful effort to forever cement his status as a die-in-the wool bigot, Judge Frank Barakett decided it was time to teach Audrey Isaac, a native Micmac Indian who at the time was from the Listugui reserve in Eastern Quebec a lesson.
Audrey Isaac was previously married to David Lavoie of California. During the marriage they had twin girls named Vanessa and Melissa. In 1995, a California judge awarded custody of the twins to David Lavoie.
In October 1995, Audrey disobeyed the custody order and took the twins home to the Listugui Mi’gmaq reserve on the Quebec-New Brunswick border, where they would live as fugitives, protected by family and the Listugui Police Service.
In July 1996, Audrey’s ex-husband David Lavoie entered the reservation in disguise and armed with pepper spray and handcuffs. He attacked Audrey and her 68-year-old Mother Alona. According to police reports, Lavoie broke one of Audrey’s fingers and hit her several times in the face and head, and then dragged her moth back to the house when she tried to get help.
Lavoie was subsequently arrested in Quebec and convicted of six crimes; assault, bodily harm, possession of a prohibited weapon and dangerous driving. After paying a [complimentary] fine of $15 for each offense, plus a sentence of two weeks for time served, he was returned to the U.S.
I wonder how much jail time a member of the Micmac Indian tribe would have received for assaulting two white women of French descent. Do ya think the fellow would have only been fined $15 for repeatedly assaulting an upstanding French female in Quebec? Hmmm, what do you think boys and girls?
Subsequently, the custody matter went before Judge Frank (The Bigot) Barakett. During a hearing in open court, Judge Frank Barakett said pow-wows “sounded like the Rose Bow.” He went on to refer to the twin girls as “blond and freckled, with less than 50 percent Indian blood in genetic terms…no more native than they are white.”
Judge Frank Barakett went on to say, the twins were “brainwashed programmed and indoctrinated” into considering themselves native.”
Apparently, Judge Frank Barakett was previously brainwashed and indoctrinated into actually believing he was an honest and ethical jurist.
As could be expected, Judge Frank Barakett never took into consideration the criminal convictions of Mr. Lavoie except to state that the assaults “were to be expected, and understandable.” In Frank’s bigoted mind, those damn aboriginals got what they damn well deserved, right?”
Judge Frank Barakett then declared he too would have engaged in such behavior (assaulting a elderly woman) by saying, “if that 68-year-old woman had kidnapped my child.” Frankie also dismissed the expert testimony of two psychologists who testified that the twins should remain with their mother.
In a display of utter contempt for Canadian aboriginals, Judge Frank Barakett then suggested to Audrey that she should “put [the twins] on heroin, if she wants them to be happy all the time.”
Judicial Council Enablers and Apologists
Subsequently, several complaints were filed against Judge Frank Barakett for his despicable conduct as set forth above. However, as is the case here in the lower forty-eight, Judicial Commissions are not concerned about ridding the judiciary of misfits.
In a letter to Judge Frank Barakett, the Judicial Council had the chutzpah to state that it found no “evidence of judicial misconduct when Frank characterized Mr. Lavoie as a “solid citizen” who had no problems with the law. This hyperbolic (BS) comment despite the Council’s knowledge that Judge Frank Barakett was aware that Mr. Lavoie had assault Audrey and her mother.
The Council said we find the complaints indicate that many of your comments were improper [Oh really?] for a judge. We are concerned [but not outraged] that you comments may [but really don’t] reflect a bias against Aboriginal culture that may [what do you mean, may?] preclude you from treating all litigants fairly.
The Council went on to say, “Your unfortunate comments [unfortunate?] appear to stem from ignorance of Aboriginal culture rather than contempt for it. In other words, the public could be expected to have confidence [Aboriginals excluded of course] that you have learned from this experience.”
Judge Frank Barakett agrees to attend sensitivity classes
Judge Frank Barakett agreed that he needed to learn more about Indian culture, so he subsequently enrolled in a Native Indian course. What a joke! This is akin to the late Jeffrey Dahmer agreeing he need to learn more about the benefits associated with a vegetarian diet.
The enablers on the Judicial Council suspended Judge Frank Barakett for six months; however, this celebrated bigot and louse continues to sit on the bench in Montreal.
As long as judges are allowed by those who pay their exorbitant wages and fringe benefits (many of which are underserved) by hard working and overtaxed Canadians (likewise for Americans and others) to judge themselves, then we will in the future be witness to many, many more Frank Barakett clones.
Had Judge Frank Barakett been judged by unbiased observers, I’m confident he would have been tossed off the bench.
The Judicial Industry would have us believe that they are “held to a higher standard of conduct.” This claim is pure bunk and the statistics regarding judicial discipline prove it.
If you engaged in the same conduct that Judge Frank Barakett did at your workplace, you would have been immediately fired. In addition, your immediate supervisor would have been rightfully concerned about being the victim of a lawsuit by the victim of said egregious misconduct.
Judge Frank Barakett is not the only bigot presently sitting on the bench. There are many, many more Frank Barakett’s running amuck both in Canada, the good ol’ U. S. of A. and in other so-called developed countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.
In this Ol’ Dog’s opinion, the steadfast rule for this type of misconduct should be cause for immediate removal from the bench. Sadly, the judiciary has determined that judge’s are entitled to at least three-strikes at the misconduct apple tree before they should even be considered for removal from the bench.
If you’re looking for the folks most responsible for this ongoing travesty, I would respectfully suggest that when you get home that you look directly into the nearest mirror. Without the public’s apathy this type of egregious misconduct would not be tolerated.
Justice must be totally blind as to one’s race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, social standing and/or sexual preference.
And lastly, justice must actually be dispensed and not dispensed with!
I would suggest that you read the April 19, 2009 opinion piece by Alan Shanoff published in the Toronto Sun that can be found at the URL listed below the titled of the title of the article. It is indeedy, a very good read!
How we judge judges is an injustice 

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