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Judge David Ramsey of British Columbia: serial pervert


There can be no dispute that ex-Judge David Ramsey of Price George, British Columbia was a disgusting and celebrated, serial pervert.
In May 2004, Judge David Ramsey pleaded guilty to five (5) counts of sexual misconduct and abuse with girls as young as twelve. At least three of his victims were native aboriginals (we call them Native Americans).
Judge David Ramsey admitted to paying the girls $60-$80 for oral sex without a condom or $150 for rough sex (I’ll leave that for y’all to figure out).
Judge David Ramsey abusesCanadian Judicial System
Judge David Ramsey abused his position as a judge in order to prey on First Nations (aboriginal) girls between the ages of 12 and 16 who appeared in his so-called courtroom.
As a judge, David Ramsey had ready access to the girls’ personal backgrounds and psychiatric records, and used promises of light sentences if the girls “didn’t tell anyone” he was coercing them to perform sex acts.
As expected with Judicial Misfits, Judge David Ramsey’s perverted conduct began almost immediately when he ascended to the bench. Isn’t it reasonable to ask how in the hell this pervert was able to weasel his way on the bench in British Columbia?
Judge David Ramsey’s sadistic/depraved conduct
The following is but an example of the depraved conduct that Judge David Ramsey cheerfully engaged in while sitting on the bench in British Columbia.
  • Bashed a 16-year-old girls head on a dashboard, pinned her to the ground and raped her wile calling her a whore. He then left her naked and crying, and while he drove away, he tossed her clothes out the window of his car.
  • Threatened to have a 13-year-old girl killed if she told anyone, saying, “You don’t know who I am.”
  • Promised a 14-year-old girl (had sex with her at least six times) with a lighter sentence if she didn’t spill the beans on him.
Judge David Ramsey’s imprisonment and subsequent death
After pleading guilty to several felonies, Judge David Ramsey was sentenced to serve several years of imprisonment in 2004.
In January 2008, Judge David Ramsey died in while serving time in the Dorchester, New Brunswick penitentiary.
An unreliable source at the penitentiary indicated that Judge David Ramsey was assigned to cell No. 618, which was then occupied by a prisoner named Josephine (his real name was Joseph).
When I discovered that Judge David Ramsey had died in prison I became quite distraught. In fact, I immediately went to an adjoining room to fetch me a “dry towel,” if ya know what I mean.
Unfortunately, serial perverts like Judge David Ramsey are not an anomaly as the Judicial Industry would have us believe. In fact this Ol’ Dawg could write a 400-page novel regarding Judicial Perverts (JDs) that have been foisted upon an unsuspecting public throughout the world.
And lastly, perverts such as Judge David Ramsey are given the proverbial “wink and a nod” by those in the Judicial Industry who have taken an oath to protect us from such egregious misconduct.
Obviously, when an aboriginal in Canada; and/or a Native American in the U.S. of A. files a complaint against a judge engaging in this type of perverted and aberrant behavior, the powers-to-be blow it off as hyperbole (BS) by some disgruntled litigant. In their demented world, the word of an aboriginal or Native-American isn’t worthy of belief when compared against that of a Judge.
And that's the way it should be, right? After all, have ya ever known of a Judge to tell a lie?

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