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Rep. Ted Kuempel of Sequin, Texas a scofflaw; ethical gremlin, certified moron

Rep. Ted Kuempel was unfortunately elected to the 44th District House of Representatives is 1983.
Section 253.035 of the Texas Election Code prohibits a candidate or officeholder from converting campaign contributions to his/her personal use.
On March 5, 2009, the Texas Ethics Commission adjudged Judge Adolph Canales of Dallas guilty of converting campaign funds to personal use to defray the costs of subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal, etc.
In it’s findings, the Texas Ethics Commission stated in relevant part: “There is no evidence that the access to the Wall Street Journal primarily furthers the respondent’s [Judge Adolph Canales’] duties or activities as an officeholder.”
To review the article re: Judge Adolph Canales go to the URL under the article listed below.
Is Dallas, Texas Judge Adolph Canales a Crook and/or Ethically Indigent?
It would appear that the so-called college business degree that Rep. Edmund Kuempel received from Texas Lutheran College in Sequin, Texas was a total waste of money and time. It is patently clear that Rep. Edmund Kuempel lacks the intellectual capacity (aka, moron) to appreciate and/or comprehend the prohibitions contained in the Texas Campaign laws.
Austin American-Statesman subscription costs


From 2000 through 2008, Rep. Edmund Kuempel illegally used campaign funds to pay for annual subscriptions to the Austin American-Statesman newspaper as set forth below. There can be no doubt that Rep. Edmund Kuempel had this newspaper delivered to his Austin apartment. Therefore, this use of campaign funds was totally illegal since the expenditures were of a personal nature.
  • Austin American Statesman,20080826,261.04,Subscription renewal
  • Austin American Statesman,20070605,245.96,Subscription renewal
  • Austin American Statesman,20060530,245.96, Subscription
  • Austin American Statesman,20050516,240.76
  • Austin-American Statesman,20040506,235.56, Subscription 2004
  • Austin American Statesman,20020816,56.55
  • Austin American Statesman,20021115,219.44
  • Austin American Statesman,20010805,204.88,Subscription- Austin Apt
  • Austin American Statesman,20000831,179.92,Subscription-Austin Apt
San Antonio Express and News subscription costs
Rep. Edmund Kuempel also found it appropriate to use campaign funds to defray the annual costs of subscriptions to the San Antonio Express and News as set forth below. Again, this was a personal expenditure since it had absolutely nothing to do with the official officeholder duties of Sen. Edmund Kuempel.
  • San Antonio Express and News,20080918,223.60,Subscription
  • San Antonio Express and News,20070912,208.00,Subscription
  • San Antonio Express and News,20060920,208.00,Subscription
  • San Antonio Express and News,20050908,208.00
  • San Antonio Express News,20040905,195.00
  • San Antonio Express News,20010905,176.80
Sequin Gazette-Enterprise subscription costs
In addition to illegally using campaign funds to pay for subscriptions to the Austin American-Statesman and San Antonio Express and News, Rep. Edmund Kuempel did the same thing in paying for subscriptions to his hometown newspaper, the Sequin Gazette-Enterprise as set forth below.
  • Seguin Gazette-Enterprise,20090302,72.00,Subscription
  • Seguin Gazette-Enterprise,20080326,72.00,Subscription Renewal
  • Seguin Gazette-Enterprise,20070306,72.00,Subscription- 1 year
  • Seguin Gazette Enterprize,20010209,72.00,Subscription-1 yr
  • Seguin Gazette Enterprize,20000229,72.00,Renew of Newspaper
Miscellaneous subscription costs
Not satisfied with illegally using campaign funds for the costs of the newspaper subscriptions set forth above, Rep. Edmund Kuempel also decided to stick-it-to his contributors for subscription costs for the
Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine and Newsweek as set forth below.
  • TheWall Street Journal,20090216,99.00
  • Forbes Magazine,20060403,19.99,Magazine subscription
  • Newsweek,20050107,78.00
I’m sure that Rep. Edmund Kuempel will attempt to justify this illegal conduct by shamelessly asserting that the aforementioned periodicals were in pursuit of his official officeholder duties. If this be true, and y’all know it would be rank hyperbole (aka, BS), then why wouldn’t it be legal for a Texas legislator to use campaign funds to pay for subscriptions to magazines such as Playboy, Penthouse and/or Hustler?
I suppose if such subscriptions costs were found to be acceptable campaign expenditures by the enablers and apologists working for the Texas Ethics Commission, then I suppose if ol’ Rep. Edmund Kuempel and/or those of his ilk (FYI: Rep. Edmund Kuempel, an Ilk is not a male Elk!) decided to bill their campaigns for repeat viewings of “Debbie does Brownsville,” I suppose that would also be found to be acceptable conduct.
This ol’ Dawg believes it is appropriate to conclude that Rep. Edmund Kuempel is not only a certified moron, but that he clearly qualifies as a die-in-the-wool dumbass.  My sincerest apologies to all of you that are celebrated, dedicated and hard-working morons and/or dumb-assess.




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