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Texas State Rep. Carl Isett of Lubbock; scofflaw, moron, ethically impoverished

In 1997 Rep. Carl Isett was successful in duping the voters in the Lubbock area into electing him as their Representative of the 84th District in the Texas House.
It is fairly obvious that Rep. Carl Isett determined early on that if succeeded in bamboozling the voters that he sought their support in order to represent their best interests that, he would be able to unjustly enrich himself at the expense of his unwitting contributors.
Rep. Carl Isett is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). After he succeeded in scamming the voters of Lubbock, Rep. Carl Isett set into motion a scheme to basically defraud his contributors by paying thousands of dollars to his wife Cheri under the guise that she was performing bookkeeping services on behalf of his campaign.
Rep. Carl Isett passed off his wife Cherri as being qualified to act as a CPA even though she had no formal education in the field. It is fairly obvious to anyone with an I.Q. equal to or higher than the legal speed limit for semis operating on I-27 in the Lubbock area that Rep. Carl Isett is an ethical dwarf and opportunist that believed it was appropriate to hose his contributors in order to unjustly enrich himself and his family.
Towards that end, Rep. Carl Isett t forth a scheme to pay his wife Cheri thousands of dollars to allegedly perform bookkeeping services on behalf of his campaign, services that she likely never performed.
Over the years, Rep. Carl Isett has repeatedly been sanctioned by the Texas Ethics Commission for illegally converting campaign funds to personal use. In fact, Rep. Carl Isett has been fined more time by the Texas Ethics Commission than the late Jeffrey Dahmer was cautioned about his rather questionable dining habits. Here tell that Jeffrey’s rump roast was just out of this world!
Section 253.035 of the Texas Election Code prohibits a candidate or officeholder from converting campaign contributions to his/her personal use.
It is quite obvious that Rep. Carl Isett did not posses the necessary intellectualism to appreciate and/or understand such prohibitions. Put simply, Rep. Carl Isett is a certified moron. And if he claims he isn’t, then it cannot be disputed that he’s a serial violator of the criminal statutes in Texas. My money is on the latter if ya know what I mean.
Personal item – dual use – improper expenditure
  • The Luggage Shop – 20060831 - $401.81 – Garment bag
First and foremost, what kind of garment bag costs over $400? More importantly, it is painfully clear that this was a personal expenditure having absolutely nothing to do with Rep. Carl Isett’s official officeholder duties and/or any legitimate campaign activities.
Campaign Pickup Truck Bed-liner purchase[s]
Below are the claimed campaign expenditures by Rep. Carl Isett to purchase “bed-liners” for a campaign pickup truck that was funded by his unwitting (aka, dupes) campaign contributors.
  • Vernon's Wicked Windows, 20051215, 1075.00, Bedliner for Campaign Pickup
Here we have Carl purchasing a bed-liner for $381.53 on Jan 4, 2005 and then allegedly purchasing another one for the same pickup truck for $1,075.00 on Dec 15, 2005 (11 months later). Ya think maybe that the first bed-liner Carl bought was of the disposable variety? Well, I suppose it depends, right?
I wouldn’t hire this loser to balance my checking account, how about you!?
Gift to Landlord
  • 07-01-05 - $378.95 – end of session gift for Landlord
How can this expenditure be justified under Texas Law? I’ve personally reviewed thousands upon thousands of pages of campaign expense reports in Texas, California, New York, Ohio, Louisiana (the citadel of ethics) and numerous other states and I’ve never seen anyone buy a gift for their landlord.
Have any of y’all in Lubbock that actually work for a livin ever considered giving your landlord a gift of nearly $400? Of course ya haven’t! And the reason ya have not so acted is because you’re not a certified moron like Rep. Carl Isett, right?
Absurd expenditures
  • MBNA,20060522,627.20,HOTEL STAFF WEDDING
This is yet another asinine and expenditure that appears to me to be illegal. If it’s not then it should be! If Carl wants to spend over $600 on a hotel bill to attend a staff members wedding, then I believe this was a personal choice and therefore a personal expenditure.
Roundtrip from Lubbock to Dallas is 692 miles (Mapquest).  Mileage rate in Dec '05 was 40.5 cents per mile.  $388.00 would equal 958 miles, therefore this is obviously a sham and clearcut attempt, albeit successful attempt to defraud campaign constirubors by Rep. Carl Isset.
To be excruciatingly fair to Rep. Carl Isett maybe he took the scenic route when traveling from Lubbock to Dallas. And if that be the case, then I wish to offer my sincerest apologies to Rep. Carl Isett for asserting that he is a common thief. Of course it goes without saying that there ain’t nothing common about Rep. Carl Isett’s innate ability in scamming his contributors.
Under what theory of Texas Campaign Laws is a legislator allowed to collect $205 in per-diem to attend the Cotton Bowl? In addition, how can it be lawful to collect mileage for traveling to the Cotton Bowl? And lastly, how can Carl legitimately receive $550 to attend a Texas Tech game?



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