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Is Ohio Judge Deborah Cook a scofflaw; moron and ethical gnome


In 1990, Judge Deborah Cook was elected to sit on the 9th District Court of Appeals in Akron, Ohio.
In 1994, Judge Deborah Cook was successful in duping Ohioans to elect her to a seat on the Ohio Supreme Court.
Shortly after assuming the throne on the Ohio Supreme Court, Judge Deborah Cook was provided with a state paid for Jeep Grand Cherokee and a state charge card to purchase fuel.
Judge Deborah Cook primarily used the state’s Jeep Grand Cherokee and fuel to commute from her home in Akron to the Ohio Supreme Court in Columbus. Even though IRS Publication 15-B required Judge Deborah Cook to maintain contemporaneous logs differentiating personal vs. official use of the Grand Cherokee, she never did so. This fact was proven when the Watchdawg made a public record’s request to the Ohio Supreme Court for copies of said logs and was advised no such records existed.
A review of Judge Deborah Cook’s annual W-2s also proved that she did not declare income she realized from the personal use of the state’s Grand Cherokee. Put simply, Judge Deborah Cook failed to report and pay required income tax to the IRS, State of Ohio and the city of Akron for many years.
Judge Deborah Cook and mileage reimbursement
After Judge Deborah Cook discovered that the Watchdawg was investigating abuses involving state cars provided to the justices of the Ohio Supreme Court and Chief Justice Thomas Moyer, she returned the Grand Cherokee back to the state. Hmmm, wonder why?
Judge Deborah Cook then began to bill the state for mileage for commuting from her home in Akron to Columbus and back. Judge Deborah Cook did this despite Ohio Supreme Court rules that prohibited any justice from receiving reimbursements for commuting purposes.
Judge Deborah Cook also failed to report this income on her W-2s as well as her annual financial disclosure statements.
When the Watchdawg filed a complaint against Judge Deborah Cook for this illegal conduct, she defended herself by lying that she was commuting from her office in Akron to the Court. This so-called office was a law-firm operated by her husband.
Copies of hundreds of Fed-Ex billing statements proved that all deliveries of court briefs from the Ohio Supreme Court in Columbus were delivered to Judge Deborah Cook’s home in Akron. In fact, none were ever delivered to her husband’s law office.
When busted by the Watchdawg for failing to report and pay income tax on the income she derived from mileage reimbursements for commuting purposes, Judge Deborah Cook then filed amended tax returns.
Judge Deborah Cook appointed to 6th Circuit Court of Appeals
In 2001, George W. Bush nominated Judge Deborah Cook to a seat on the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati. Unfortunately, the Senate confirmed her in 2003.
Unbelievably, Judge Deborah Cook was mentioned in 2005 as a possible nominee to replace Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Had John McCain won the presidency, there is a distinct possibility that he would have nominated Judge Deborah Cook to sit on the US Supreme Court.
Just the mere thought of and ethical twerp like Judge Deborah Cook sitting on the US Supreme Court is quite disturbing to say the least.



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