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Ex-judge Donald Thompson – Oklahoma’s premier pervert; moron and hands-on jurist

Up until early 2003, Judge Donald Thompson served on the Creek County Court in Sapula, Oklahoma.
During a capitol murder trial in 2003 that Judge Donald Thompson presided over, jurors became annoyed from “swishing noises.” According to the jurors, the source of the “swishing noises,” seemed to come from Judge Donald Thompson’s throne in the courtroom.
Lo and Behold if it wasn’t discovered that Judge Donald Thompson was actually using a “penis pump” during the Moss murder trial. Several jurors and court employees stated the following:
  • Juror Samantha Boyd heard air pumping noises coming from the judge’s bench multiple times. At first she thought Donnie might be playing “a hand game.” He was Samantha!
  • Juror Helen Orcutt heard a swishing noise and saw “the judge’s robe going up and down.”
  • Juror Michelle Spears “thought the judge might be playing a hand held video game.” Yeah, it’s called “here comes ‘da judge.”
  • Donnie’s secretary observed him attempting to connect a penis pump to his penis
  • Lisa Foster saw Donnie use the penis pump almost daily during the Aug. 2003 murder trial of Kurt Vomberg, a man accused of shaking a toddler to death. How cool is this? Vomberg’s on trial for “shaking” a toddler to death while Donnie’s shaking his gavel to death. 
Judge Donald Thompson was also charged with misuse of a state computer (Surprised?). Pornographic photos of Donnie and a female business partner were found on his state computer. Cool!
Judge Donald Thompson knew he was facing a stiff sentence for playing with his gavel in the courtroom, therefore, he decided to put forth a false defense in hopes of beating the rap.
Unfortunately for Judge Donald Thompson, DNA samples taken from Donnie’s bench, chair, trashcan and carpet (Aghhh!@*%) proved he was guilty.  He was ultimately sentenced to four years in the joint.
Kinda makes ya wonder how one should’ve reacted in Judge Donald Thompson’s courtroom when the bailiff said: “All Rise,” if ya know what I mean.
Prior to being convicted, Judge Donald Thompson retired from the bench. During the two years his criminal and disciplinary proceedings lagged on, Judge Donald Thompson continued to receive $7,789 in pension benefits from the State of Oklahoma.
After he was busted using a penis pump in 2002 and up to the time the State cutoff pension payments, Judge Donald Thompson received about $190,000 even though it was obvious he was a celebrated pervert. Who says crime doesn’t pay?
In September 2009, Judge Donald Thompson lost a legal battle when an Oklahoma judge upheld the denial by the State of continued retirement benefits after he was cutoff in 2006.
Judge Donald Thompson’s so-called lawyer had the chutzpah to argue that he should at least get some of his benefits for his clean conduct as a judge for decades before misconduct was alleged (ca. 1982-2002). Does anyone really believe that this certified pervert didn’t engage in this type of disgusting conduct prior to being busted in 2002?
An unreliable source indicated that to assure that Judge Donald Thompson would not be mistreated while in prison, the authorities ordered that he be placed in a cell with Josephine (name used to be Joseph).
Hear tell that after originally being assigned to the baritone section of the prison church choir, within several weeks, Judge Donald Thompson was placed in the soprano section. Hmmm!
There can be no dispute that Judge Donald Thompson was the quintessential self-made, hands-on kind of guy, right?

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