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Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan of the UK; pervert, moron


Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan is an asylum and immigration judge in the United Kingdom.
Sometime in 2006, Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan employed an illegal immigrant named Roselane Driza as a housekeeper despite his knowledge that she was in the UK illegally.
Another immigration judge that associated with Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan also employed Ms. Driza as a housekeeper despite the judge’s knowledge she was an illegal immigrant. The enablers and apologists at the Judicial Conduct Commission refused to disclose this Judicial Misfit’s name and only referred to her as Judge J.
In addition to housekeeping duties, Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan was engaged in a sexual affair with Ms. Driza.
Subsequently, Ms. Driza was jailed for attempting to blackmail the female immigration judge (Judge J) and for stealing videos belonging to Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan having sex with Judge J and another woman. A diligent and hardworking pervert this Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan, right?
What kind of clown films his sexual escapades with another Judge and another woman? Only a pervert like Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan, that’s who.
When Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan’s sordid misconduct came to light, he was severely punished by being made to go on a paid vacation that lasted over eighteen months. During this time, Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan was paid $3,273 per week (American dollars). Goshes and Gollies and Gee whillikers, that sounds pretty harsh, right?
In May 2008, England’s primary enablers and apologists for Judicial Misfits, Lord Chief Justice Addison Phillips and Lord High Chancellor Jack Straw who presided over the ethics charges lodged against Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan, ruled as follows:
  • We have concluded that Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan demonstrated poor judgment in employing illegal immigrant Ms. Driza
  • We have informed Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan this his decision to engage Ms. Driza was ill judged
  • We have also informed Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan that we will not pursue any further detailed inquires into this matter given the ill health Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan suffers from 
As in the good ol’ U S of A, Lord Chief Justice Addison Phillips and Lord High Chancellor Jack Straw have clearly demonstrated that judges in the UK are held to a “lower standard of conduct” then other Brits are.
In October 2006, after his illegal immigrant lover Ms. Driza was no longer available, Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan went shopping on the Internet for a new lover.
Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan continually updated his profile on matchmaking website WeServicePerverts.com, I’m sorry I mean DirectDating.com.
Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan posted a recent photo of himself while claiming he was searching for an “intelligent younger woman aged 45 to 56 to share the simple things in life.”
Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan went on to write, “I am young at heart. I am a professional in full employment and have spent my life fighting injustices of all kinds. I am told I have a very good sense of humor and am good company.” Kind a tugs at your heart strings, right?
Unfortunately, Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan lacked the ethics to warn any future lover of his habit of filming their sexual escapades.



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