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Former Judge Thurman Bill Bartie of Port Arthur, TX; child abuser, sadist

While sitting on the bench in Port Arthur, Judge Thurman Bill Bartie was charged with the following misconduct by the Judicial Commission.
Billy was a triple threat when it came to handing out justice during his reign of terror on the bench.
The Bush Case
Unfortunately, Tammie Bush and her daughters appeared before Billy on alleged truancy charges. 
During the hearing, Billy used obscene language, failed to ask the defendants to enter a plea and advise them of their rights to a jury trial. Under the guise of maintaining courtroom decorum, Billy ordered the mother and daughter handcuffed during the proceedings. What a guy!
The Lewis Case
Gwen Lewis and her son appeared before Billy on truancy charges. When Lewis attempted to dispute the school’s attendance records, Billy responded with obscene language. When Lewis objected to Billy’s obscene language, he threatened to jail her son. 
It is rumored that Billy’s court, he’s the only son-of-a-bitch authorized to use profanity.
The Jerry Jordan Incident
While investigating Billy’s abusive conduct in the courtroom, Jerry Jordan, a newspaper reporter appeared in court to observe Billy in action. Billy then had his clerk ask Jordan what he was up to. When Jordan verbally protested to the illegal inquisition, he was asked to leave the courtroom. Billy responded with obscene language and called Jordan a racist.
Incidents of Corporal Punishment
The record proved that besides using abusive and obscene language, Billy engaged in corporal punishment of juveniles appearing before him
on truancy charges. 

Billy threatened to hit juveniles on the head with his gavel (Oh no!), punched a juvenile in the chest, and hit another on the head with his knuckles. Billy also took his belt off, handed it to parents and encouraged them to beat their children. Of course Billy Boy was never prosecuted for assaulting these children.

On one occasion, Billy brought twin brothers into his chambers and meted out corporal punishment. Two victims for the price of one! Is this like cool shit or what?
Magistrate Duties
On various occasions while overseeing inmates at the Jefferson County Correction Facility, Billy threatened defendants in descriptive obscene language. He then went and told them he intended to have sexual relations with their wives while they were in jail.  
Not satisfied screwing the defendants, Billy threatened to screw their wives. Whata Guy! Let’s hear a clap of paddles for Billy Boy!
It’s rumored that Billy is currently employed as a Sadomasochism instructor.

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