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Judge Stephen Gerard of Iowa City; repeat offender, lazy, ethically disadvantaged


Unfortunately, Judge Stephen Gerard was appointed as an Associate District Judge in District 6 (Iowa City area) in 1995.
It appears from a revue of Judge Stephen Gerard’s resume that he dedicated a great deal of his time and effort into acting as a lackey, gopher and apple-polisher for the local Republican Party hacks in order to dupe then-Governor Robert D. Ray into appointing him to the bench in 1995. In truth, Judge Stephen Gerard has basically had his significant snout firmly implanted into the public trough since he received his law degree in 1975.
Judge Stephen Gerard is a repeat offender in that he has been disciplined more than once by the Iowa Supreme Court for engaging in egregious misconduct. 
1st bite at the Judicial Discipline tree
In May 1999, Judge Stephen Gerard received a complimentary private admonishment from the Court for late filing of Rule 200 reports. Iowa Supreme Court Rule 200 required Judge Stephen Gerard to file monthly reports disclosing any cases that were ripe for ruling for over sixty days.
In many instances Judge Gerard failed to list a number of cases on the Rule 200 reports and/or he just removed from the list cases that were unresolved before they were actually decided. Put simply, he repeatedly filed false reports.


2nd bite at the Judicial Discipline tree
In 2008, the Iowa Supreme Court again disciplined Judge Stephen Gerard for engaging in the same dilatory conduct he was disciplined for in 1999.
The length of delays by Judge Stephen Gerard in this disciplinary action was substantial, and they are as follow:
  • In 1995, he took average of 944 days (2 ½ years) to decide 4 cases
  • In 1966, he took average of 757 days (2 years) to decide 12 cases
  • In 1997, he took average of 187 days (6 months) to decide 10 cases
  • In 1998, he took average of 192 days (6 months) to decide 10 cases
  • In 1999, he took average of 173 days (6 months) to decide 30 cases
  • In 2000, he took average of 176 days (6 months) to decide 18 cases
Johnson County Attorney J. Patrick White testified that some pretrial rulings were delayed so long that criminal cases had to be dismissed. Delayed rulings by Judge Stephen Gerard in juvenile cases also resulted in delayed adoption proceedings.
Now is the clown (my apologies to clowns) one lazy Whatchmakallit or what? Of the louse was more than happy to accept his underserved wages while he totally ignored his judicial responsibilities to the taxpayers (aka, litigants) he was hosing.
How in the hell can it take nearly three (3) years to decide a case? Anyone with an I.Q. higher than the legal speed limit for semi-trucks in downtown Iowa City could have likely accomplished the task within less than 60 days.
Banging the Help
Judge Stephen Gerard was also found guilty of developing an intimate relationship (means he was screwing her) with an assistant county attorney who regularly appeared before him in litigation maters.
Of course being the celebrated ethical leper-con that he is, Judge Stephen Gerard never removed himself from these matters and he never disclosed the fact he was screwing the county attorney to anyone, including criminal defendants and their attorneys in cases she was handling in his courtroom as an assistant prosecuting attorney.
Being the cheapskate that he obviously is, Judge Stephen Gerard decided to save a few bucks by doing  the assistant prosecutor in his chambers rather than footing the bill at the local Big 6 motel. In truth, Judge Stephen Gerard was engaged in a triple screwing of the public that funded his undeserved wages by screwing them and a public employee on government time in a government facility. At a minimum he should be made to pay for any costs of cleaning up his messes!
Judge Stephen Gerard’s Punishment
The enablers and apologists sitting on the Iowa Supreme Court determined that Judge Stephen Gerard’s repeat performance in acting as a certified Judicial Misfits warranted that he be gifted with a complimentary 60-day suspension without pay.
It likely took Judge Gerard that long just to recuperate from the time and effort he put forth in repeatedly screwing the help at the courthouse on company time, right? Of course I could be wrong. Maybe he waded in a pool filled with industrial strength Viagra prior to screwing the help at the courthouse!
How in the hell did this certified loser ever gain a position as a judge in Iowa? One must wonder how many victims this fool has left strewn throughout the greater Iowa City area. By allowing this certified Judicial Misfit to remain on the bench is further evidence that judges are in fact held to a “lower standard of conduct” than you and me.

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