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Attorney Kerry Evans of Ontario, Canada; disgusting pervert

Prior to his resignation in Nov. 2004, Kerry Evans was a judge in Barrie, Ontario. He resigned after he was found guilty of making inappropriate sexual remarks and improperly touching court employees, which included several instances of him patting their groins and buttocks, French-kissing and force-feeding them jujubes. Kerry also bragged about the size of his penis to a female court clerk. It’s rumored the bragging was “short lived.”
“Among the clerks, Kerry had a reputation as a pervert,” a 35-year old former clerk told the panel. A total of eight female court staff working at the Barrie courthouse complained about Kerry’s behavior.
Kerry lucked out when the panel dismissed one complaint. The woman said that in 2002, Kerry began massaging her breasts, which then culminated with oral sex in the washroom of his judicial chambers.
To counter the oral sex allegation, Kerry submitted photos of his genital area taken by his brother Tom. Kerry testified that he started to regularly shave his groin area in 2001, which should have been noticeable to the complainant. No mention of Brother Tom lending a helping hand.
In dismissing the oral sex complaint, the panel laughingly concluded that it was improbable that the incident could have taken place during regular court hours, when other judges were constantly coming into Kerry’s office to use the fridge or microwave.
Judge Kerry Evans Mistakes Helicopter for “Woman’s Crotch”
In addition, the enablers/apologists on the Judicial panel ruled that it was not persuaded “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Kerry meant to “deliberately touch the crotch area” of a court employee while they were chatting in his office. In reaching this absurd conclusion, they bought Kerry’s idiotic testimony that, “he accidentally touched her while demonstrating how he would theoretically shoot down a helicopter pilot.”
Shoot down a helicopter pilot? Aren’t helicopters normally in the sky? Isn’t the sky a little bit north of a woman’s crotch? How in the hell do you accidentally touch a woman’s crotch? How does that work? Oops, sorry about that – I thought it was your chin.
At the disciplinary hearing, in defense of Kerry touching a woman’s crotch area, his attorney Brian Greenspan took off his suit jacket and put on a clerk’s robe and then said, “It is pretty difficult to know where the genitals are,” when wearing a loose fitting garment. Liar!
So-Called Punishment
Kerry was suspended “with pay” in December, 2002. Therefore, from the time of the suspension until he resigned in Nov. 2004, the taxpayers of Canada were hosed to the tune of $373,686, which equates to $16,247 a month. A pretty steep price to pay for this perverts 23-month vacation, right?
Besides being ineligible for a judicial pension, Kerry must reapply to the Law Society of Upper Canada if he wishes to practice, which the society can refuse if they are made by former judges who were removed because of misconduct.
Enablers at Law Society of Upper Canada reinstate Kerry Evans’ law license 
In March 2007, the apologists working at the Law Society of Upper Canada reinstated the law License of Kerry “The Perv” Evans with the caveat that he spend the next two years (2007-2009) practicing as an employee of another attorney pervert, I’m sorry I mean lawyer.
Attorney Kerry Evans said he intends to practice criminal law. He’s a criminal, so why not practice in an area of familiarity, right?

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