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Written by Dave Palmer   
Monday, 01 June 2009 18:08



The information contained herein is not intended to provide legal advice to anyone (exceptions for attorneys and judges). It is intended to make you think, laugh or cry by discussing abuses in the "legal/political industries."  This "Dawg" is an "equal opportunity "exposer" and "offender".  If I haven't offended you lately, it wasn't for lack of effort.  Take a "bite" out of an attorney, judge or legal issue (including public official corruption/misfeasance) by dropping the "Dawg" a line at

                                                  Articles based on Facts
Each and every article on this Dawg’s website is based on facts. I do not deal with innuendo, rumor and/or hearsay when penning a story. However, I will readily admit that in writing the articles herein that I attempt to input a little levity.
Over the years I have received tens-of-thousands of copies of public records. In addition, I have reviewed well over 150,000 pages of public records via various sources.
Over the past fifteen years, I have been inundated with stories from victims of judicial and/or attorney abuses. Many set forth allegations that are quite disturbing; however, if a victim is unable or unwilling to provide documentary evidence to support a claim, I will not report on it.
It should be remembered that the subjects of these articles are solely responsible for the conduct they’ve engaged in. Therefore, one would think that they would be proud of their records, right? Put simply, I’m just the messenger.


                                                 Watchdawg’s  Philosophy
This web site is dedicated to exposing corruption and misconduct in the Legal and Political Industries. I am not concerned about hurting the feelings of those I expose.
Sadly, the sources for my material are endless. Everyday thousands of people are victimized by unscrupulous members of these industries.

You may be shocked, angered or depressed by the truths exposed herein. However, you will also be entertained. I have found that lampooning these miscreants is frequently the only way to get their attention. The ultimate insult is to be ridiculed and there will be no shortage of scorn and humor as I go forward in rightfully exposing these folks.




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