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Former Judge Eugenio Mathis of Las Vegas, NM; certified loser

The state of New Mexico provided Eugenio Mathis with a law license after he graduated from the University of New Mexico Law School.
In November 2991, Eugenio succeeded in duping the voters in Guadalupe, Mora and San Miguel Counties into electing him to a seat on the 4th District Court located in Las Vegas, New Mexico.
The New Mexico Judicial Commission charged Judge Mathis with the following misconduct which involved his wife, who worked in the same court as Eugenio.
Judge Mathis found it appropriate to allow his wife to conduct personal business during court hours. That business including shopping on the Internet and paying personal bills. Eugenio and his wife also exchanged excessive and improper instant messages” while he was presiding over trials and hearings.
Eugenio denied that he had engaged in “communications of a sexual nature” with his wife during the workday, “including intimations that he had or would be having sexual relations with her during the workday and/or on court premises. This would mean that Eugenio and his wife were screwing the taxpayers twice at the same time. How cool is that?
Chat logs between Eugenio and his wife, disclosed that they were chatting about dinner plans, flirting, asking each other their day was going, discussed paying bills and gossiped about their co-workers at court.
In one chat, a comment is made about making “hanky panky” while someone tests the court’s alarm system. Another chat message said, “Don’t come knocking if they jury room is rockin.”
As is the case with most Judicial Misfits, Eugenio played the coward and resigned in early March in order to prevent a full blown evidentiary hearing from taking place that would have proven his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
What should be disturbing to hardworking New Mexico taxpayers is the fact that Eugenio the Loser will be collecting a undeserved pension from the State for the remainder of his miserable life.

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