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U.S. Judge Lynn Hughes of Houston; Dufus, misogynistic racist

The state of Texas presented Lynn Nettleton Hughes with a law license in 1966 after he graduated from the University of Texas Law School.
In 1985, President Reagan was duped into nominating Hughes to a seat on the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas. Hughes didn’t receive the nomination because he was the most qualified for the judgeship; he received it because he had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks in Houston.
Hughes is another die-in-the-wool racist who relishes dispensing with justice rather than dispensing it when dealing with minorities. Recently Hughes again came under scrutiny for spewing forth racist remarks in his so-called courtroom, some of which are as follows.
Mocking diversity
During a hearing involving a discrimination case brought by Mr. Shah who was from South Asia, Hughes mocked educational institutions that hire personnel to broaden racial diversity of employees by asking, “And what does a diversity director do? Go around and paint students different colors so they think they are mixed?”
If it wasn’t for diversity for Morons (my sincere apologies to morons), Hughes would never have been nominated for a federal judgeship.
Lynn’s previous racial commentary
Unfortunately, Judge Hughes was assigned to hear a discrimination case brought by an African-American school employee against the Fort Bend Independent School district. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff alleged that the school’s supervisor stated that if Barack Obama were elected president, the Statute of Liberty would have its torch replaced by a piece of fried chicken.
Lynn the Bigot ruled that the fried chicken comment was “insignificant political speech” and did not constitute a racial slur. When the plaintiff’s attorney suggested that the supervisors’ reference to fried chicken was a long-standing racial slur, Judge Hughes replied, “That’s really surprising to Colonel Sanders.”
Misogynistic Dufus
A woman sued for discrimination after she was fired because she asked for time and a private room to pump breast mile for her infant. Hughes dismissed her case by saying that breast-feeding and related activity is not related to her pregnancy.
Lynn the Dufus went on to say that once she gave birth, “she was no longer pregnant and her pregnancy-related conditions ended, so that it wasn’t sex discrimination.”
Only someone with an I.Q. equal to or less than the legal speed limit in a school zone would argue that breast feeding an infant is not related to a pregnancy.
Because of life-time appointments, Lynn the Racist will likely be sitting on the bench in Houston for another 15 to 20 years, What an unmitigated joke!

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