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Attorney Eric Andell of Houston; scofflaw, moron, ethical gremlin


The State of Texas provided Eric with a law license in 1970 after he graduated from the University of Houston School of Law. 
In a previous life, attorney Eric Handell was a former Appellate Judge in Houston, Texas who was serving as a visiting retired judge after leaving the Court of Appeals.
In Feb. 2005, attorney Eric Andell was charged by the Feds with one count of violating the federal conflict of interest statutes.
This criminal charge lodged against attorney Eric Andell came about as a result of his approval of sham travel expenses for himself as a Deputy Under Secretary fo Safe and Drug-Free Schools within the U.S. Department of Education between Nov. 2002 and Sept. 2003
At the time that attorney Eric Andell was criminally charged, he was acting as a visiting retired judge on various courts in Texas.

The criminal conduct engaged in by then Judge Eric Andell involved his personal authorization of and approval of travel for himself at government expense on at least 14 occasions to New York City, Houston, Detroit and Columbus, Ohio.
Then Judge Eric Andell’s trips to the aforementioned venues included travel that was personal in nature.
While being reimbursed for his time, then Judge Eric Andell did not disclose to the federal government that he was receiving paid sick leave from the State of Texas or that he was also being paid as a visiting retired judge.
Then Judge Eric Andell also filed false financial disclosure statements with the U. S. Government by failing to include the salary he received from serving as a visiting retired judge in Texas. In layman’s language this is called felonious perjury.
Subsequently, then Judge Eric Andell pled guilty in federal court admitting that he had defrauded the U.S. Government. (That’d be you folks!)
Then Judge Eric Andell was sentenced to a one-year term of unsupervised probations, fined $5,000 and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service.
Of course this absurd sentence was in keeping with the Judiciary’s mantra that they are “held to a lower standard of conduct” then you and me.
Texas Judicial Commission’s Punishment of ex-Judge Eric Andell
The lackeys, enablers and apologists for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Texas Supreme Court punished ex-Judge Eric Andell by gifting him with a “complimentary” public admonition.
This certified crook never had his law license in Texas revoked or suspended. In fact, on it’s so-called public-service web site, the Texas State Bar Association fails to inform the public of the criminal conduct of attorney Eric Andell.
As of September 2009, Eric Andell now practices law in the greater Houston, Texas area thanks to the enablers,  apologists and morons sitting on the Texas Judicial Commission, the Texas State Bar and the Texas Supreme Court.

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