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Judge Lynda Lawless of Texas a scofflaw; moron, Judge Roy Bean Wannabee


Judge Lynda Lawless, the sitting Municipal Court Judge of Marlin, Texas Municipal Court surely has the appropriate last name (Lawless) given the egregious nature of her misconduct. 
Judge Lynda Lawless is without doubt a Judge Roy Bean Wannabee. Put simply, her mantra is akin to what the bandito said in the Sierra Madre movie, “I don’t need no stinkin laws.”
In a case involving a lady charged with a speeding citation and failure to vaccinate Judge Lynda Lawless for rabies, I’m sorry I mean vaccinate her dogs; Judge Lynda Lawless decided it was time to give ol’ Judge Roy Bean a run for his money by engaging in lawless (pun intended) conduct.
  • Judge Lynda Lawless ordered that Ms. Bargainer be arrested and taken to jail if she did not pay the fines imposed by Judge Lynda Lawless and enter a guilty plea to all pending charges. 
Shortly thereafter, Ms. Bargainer appeared in Judge Lynda Lawless’ court. Present was the police chief, court clerk, and the animal control officer. Judge Lynda Lawless never advised the local prosecutor about this so-called court proceeding despite the fact that Judge Lynda Lawless was legally required to so act. In Judge Lynda Lawless’ demented mind, she had an absolute right to act as Judge, Prosecutor and Jury (ala, Roy Bean).
Judge Lynda Lawless claimed she was ill at home during the time she repeatedly trampled upon Ms. Bargainer’s constitutional due process rights. Therefore, the illegal and unconstitutional Judge Roy Bean proceedings were conducted by Judge Lynda Lawless on the telephone.
Despite Ms. Bargainer’s plea on the telephone to Judge Lynda Lawless that she was not guilty; that she wanted a jury trial; copies of all criminal complaints filed against her, and an opportunity to call witnesses on her behalf, Judge Lynda Lawless illegally ignored her. In truth, Judge Lynda Lawless told Ms. Bargainer exactly what Rhett Butler told Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”
Ms. Bargainer said she was led to believe by the so-called proceedings held by Judge Lynda Lawless that he only option was to pay a fine of $5,1600 or be immediately jailed. She said she was faced with no other options by Judge Lynda Lawless; pay the fines or be arrested and go to jail.
Texas Judicial Commission Punishment of Judge Lynda Lawless
The well-respected enablers and apologists for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Judicial Commission meted out severe punishment to Judge Lynda Lawless for her lawless and unconstitutional mistreatment of Ms. Bargainer by presenting her with a “complimentary” admonishment.
These enablers and apologists had the chutzpah to preface this award by stating, “In condemnation” of Judge Lynda Lawless’ conduct, it is the Commission’s decision to issue her a public admonition.
Sadly, this certified Judicial Misfit; scofflaw and moron remains on the bench in Marlin, Texas.

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