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Judge Allen Gilbert of San Angelo, TX; pervert, moron, ethically moribund

Unfortunately, Judge Allen Gilbert is the presiding Municipal Court Judge in San Angelo, Texas.
While reading the local newspaper on the morning of Nov. 2006, Judge Allen Gilbert noticed an advertisement for a local “gentleman’s club” announcing an upcoming performance of an exotic dancer with a name very similar to that of the assistant city prosecutor assigned to Judge Allen Gilbert’s court.
Judge Allen Gilbert then shared the advertisement with several other city employees whom he had supervisory authority over.
Working together, Judge Allen Gilbert and several subordinate employees of the city created a flyer based on the advertisement so as to make a joke at the city prosecutor’s expense.
Judge Allen Gilbert’s flyer consisted of a letter-sized original advertisement promoting the exotic dancer, along with the following captions added to the bottom of the page by Judge Allen Gilbert.
  • “Let her take your law into her hands!”
  • “Let her handle your case!”
  • “She wants to prosecute you?”
With Judge Gilbert’s tacit approval (aka, judicial order), several of these flyers were placed in public areas around the courthouse.
On the same morning, the city prosecutor (aka, victim) saw the flyers authored and distributed by Judge Allen Gilbert when she arrived at the courthouse. She then began removing them from where Judge Allen Gilbert had them posted.
The city prosecutor then inquired as to whom was responsible for posting the flyers, and Judge Allen Gilbert cheerfully admitted to doing so. In fact, he stated he “could not resist.”
After this discussion with the city prosecutor, Judge Allen Gilbert had the audacity to carry an unknown number of flyers to the headquarters of the San Angelo Police Department. While there, Judge Allen Gilbert posted at least one flyer on a door, and left a second with a senior officer.
After being advised that the offensive flyers had been posted at the police department, she proceeded to the police station where she then observed Judge Allen Gilbert as he was leaving.
While at the police department the prosecutor found a dollar bill attached to one flyer and then removed the offending flyer.
Later that day, Judge Allen Gilbert shared the story of the flyers with court personnel. One of Judge Allen Gilbert’s employee’s told those present that an additional comment was considered by Judge Allen Gilbert for the offensive flyer, which was “She wants to beat your case.”
On Dec. 5, 2006, the Angelo City Council voted to suspend Judge Allen Gilbert without pay for two weeks for violating the city’s policy against sexual harassment.
Texas Judicial Commission’s Punishment of Judge Allen Gilbert
As one would expect of the enablers and apologists sitting on the Judicial Commission, they punished Judge Allen Gilbert by providing him with a “complimentary” admonishment. Hear tell that those are like really painful!
This is just further proof that judges are in fact held to a “lower standard of conduct” than we are.

Sadly, this certified pervert and moron remains sitting on the bench in San Angelo,


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