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Justice Antonin Scalia: apologist for unethical prosecutors

Anyone that possesses an I.Q. in excess of the legal speed limit in a school zone and is not a die-in-the-wool bigot would be appalled to find out that an innocent person was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to prison or even worse, received the death penalty.
Scalia is a well known and disrespected Justice of the Supreme Court who is dedicated to protecting dishonest prosecutors at the expense of innocent defendants.
Over the past twenty or so years, numerous criminal defendants have been released from prison after DNA testing proved beyond all doubt that they were innocent.
In a ruling in the past, Scalia had the chutzpah to argue that “unless a criminal defendant can show bad faith on the part of the police,” the defendant does not have a right to obtain all “potentially useful evidence” that might prove his/her innocence.
Scalia went on to say that there is no duty under the Constitution for prosecutors to turn over results (DNA) “which might have exonerated the defendant. The only justice on the Court that sided with Tony the Moron was Justice Samuel Alito, Jr.
In Tony’s demented mind, a criminal defendant is not entitled to evidence in the possession of a prosecutor that would prove the defendant to be innocent. Isn’t that just special?
You have to wonder how in the hell Certified Losers like Scalia and his protégé Alito were able to weasel their way onto the highest court in the land.
It would be sweet justice if Scalia’s son Matthew was arrested and convicted of rape and sent to prison for 25 years when the prosecutor refused to provide him with DNA evidence proving Matthew was innocent. I wonder if Tony’s delusional opinion as to his son’s right to said evidence would magically change.

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