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Ex-Federal Judge Edward Nottingham; pervert, moron, ethical gremlin


Unfortunately, President George Bush I nominated Judge Edward “the Perv” Nottingham to a seat on the federal bench in Denver in October 1989.
In October 2008, Judge Edward Nottingham resigned from the bench in the midst of an ongoing investigation into his [perverted] misconduct. (Denver Post)
At the time that Judge Edward Nottingham resigned he was the Chief Judge of the Federal District of Colorado. How special is that? A well-respected and accomplished pervert acting as Chief Federal Judge in the state of Colorado. Makes ya proud to be a citizen of Colorado, right?
During divorce proceedings initiated by his ex-wife (wonder why she divorced the Pervert?), she alleged that he had spent thousands of dollars in a local strip club. I suppose that is a reasonable explanation for he muscled-up as pictured to the right.
Judge Edward Nottingham’s name popped up (something Nottingham’s ex-wife complained he was unable to do!) during an investigation of a Denver based prostitution ring, which came about after a prostitute had complaint to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals of Judge Edward Nottingham’s obvious shortcomings.
An unreliable source also indicated the squealing prostitute indicated that it was necessary to hook-up Judge Edward Nottingham intravenously to a bottle of industrial-strength “Viagra” before he was capable of rising to the occasion if ya know what I mean.
Ya just got to wonder how these kind of certified losers were able to secure a lifetime appointment to the federal bench, right. Well, since ya asked, I’ll tell ya how they accomplished this task.
First and foremost, ya can’t blame the President who nominated the jerk for a federal district judgeship. It would be rare indeed if the President actually had any first-hand knowledge about such a nominee. These folks are nominated by U.S. Senators; therefore, for the most part they are well-recognized and accomplished bootlickers and apple-polishers in layman’s language means ass-kissers) who have dedicated their careers in the Legal Industry to carrying water for the local politicos.
These celebrated lackeys demonstrated a willingness to repay their benefactors with favorable rulings if appointed to a lifetime appointment to the bench. And more importantly, these well-recognized flunkies were willing to expend the necessary funds to purchase industrial-strength knee pads to assure their ascension to the federal throne.
And that folks is how our so-called representatives in the U.S. Senate have represented our alleged best interests over the past 200 or more years. And this deplorable conduct isn’t going to end as long as long as we sit idly by and let it continue!
Put simply, we will surely see many, and I mean many more Judge Edward Nottingham’s in the future if we take no action to put an immediate end to the appointment of ethical elves and assorted perverts to the Federal Courts to lifetime jobs.

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