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Judge Charles Kahn Jr. of Tallahassee, FL; pervert; moron, mental case


Judge Charles Kahn Jr. was unfortunately appointed to the Appeals Court in Tallahassee in 1991.
In 2006, former president of the Florida Senate, W.D. Childers appealed his conviction of bribing a county commissioner to the First District Court of Appeals.
Prior to his appointment to the bench by ex-Gov. Lawton Chiles, Judge Charles Kahn Jr. was an associate and/or law partner of attorney Fred Levin. Apparently Fred Levin was a good friend of Governor Lawton Chiles and convict W.D. Childers.
It was widely assumed that Judge Charles Kahn Jr. received his appointment from Gov. Lawton Chiles as a result of his relationship with attorney Fred Levin and Levin’s association with Chiles and convict W.D. Chiles (State Senator at the time).
It cannot reasonably be argued that Judge Charles Kahn Jr. was appointed to the Court of Appeals because he was the most qualified attorney available for appointment by Gov. Lawton Chiles. It must be presumed that Judge Charles Khan Jr. was appointed because Gov. Childs was persuaded that he could be relied on to dispense favorable justice to friends and/or associates of attorney Fred Levin and convict W.D. Childers.
Put simply, it is likely that Judge Charles Kahn Jr. was willing to act as a compliant lackey, bootlicker and apple-polisher for those who persuaded Gov. Lawton Chiles to appoint him to the Court of Appeals. An unreliable source indicated that Judge Charles Khan Jr. went the extra mile to prove his worth as a complaint lackey by bearing the expense to purchase a pair of industrial strength knee pads.
Judge Michael Allen Disciplined for Expressing Opinion of Judge Kahn
After Judge Charles Kahn Jr. wrote the opinion reversing the conviction of W.D. Chiles, fellow Court of Appeals Judge Michael Allen argued that the entire Court should review said opinion.
In so doing, Judge Michael Allen reasonably and understandably questioned the motives of Judge Charles Kahn Jr. in reversing a conviction involving a close friend of his law partner Fred Levin.
Subsequently, the entire Appeals Court voted to overturn the absurd and biased reversal written by Judge Charles Khan Jr. Shortly thereafter, the Surpeme Court refused to grant review (certiorari) to W.D. Chiles who was sentenced to three years in prison.
The enablers and apologists (aka, morons) on the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC) commenced an investigation of Judge Michael Allen for apparently questioning the ethics of Judge Charles Kahn Jr. (aka, calling a spade a spade).
During this so-called investigation, the JQC morons refused to investigate allegations and/or a complaint put forth by judges sitting on the First Court of Appeals, which went like this:
  • Several judges labeled Judge Charles Khan, Jr. as mentally unstable
  • Several judges said Judge Charles Khan, Jr. was given to temper tantrums
  • 13 of the 15 judges filed a formal complaint stating Judge Charles Kahn Jr. was having extra marital affairs with court employees 
The buffoons (my apologies to buffoons) on the JQC dismissed these allegations out of hand; however, they decided to go after Judge Michael Allen for expressing his opinion as to the conduct of Judge Charles Kahn Jr. in regards to the W.D. Chiles case.
The JQC idiots along with the morons sitting on the Florida Supreme Court disciplined Judge Michael Allen by claiming that his writings might lead someone to believe that Judge Charles Kahn Jr. was corrupt. Oh, Goshes and Gollies and Gee whillikers, wouldn’t that be a shame?
The ethical dwarves sitting on the Florida Supreme Court along with members of the JQC opined that in accordance with the so-called Code of Judicial Conduct that if Judge Michael Allen was aware of any misconduct on the part of Judge Charles Khan Jr. he was duty bound to submit it in writing to the JQC for its consideration.  
Of course what the enablers on the JQC fail to admit is that once a complaint of judicial misconduct is received, the entire process is “secret,” thereby assuring that Judicial Misfits such as Judge Charles Kahn, Jr. will never have to answer for their misdeeds.
I suppose these losers at the JQC would have demanded that the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer’s rather odd dietary needs would have voted to discipline them if they would have dared gone public. Whoops, my bad, they couldn’t have since Jeffrey did away with the evidence, right? Well, I guess that’s one way to silence your victims, right?
And lastly, kudos to Judge Michael Allen from this ol’ Dawg (I don’t do it frequently) for having the courage and fortitude to out Judge Charles Khan Jr. Likewise for the 13 judges who filed a complaint that Judge Charles Khan Jr. was screwing the help so to speak.



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