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Former Judge Monique Dubreuil of Montreal; bigoted Moron

While sitting as a so-called judge in Quebec in a criminal case, Monique decided it was time to cement her status as a celebrated moron and bigot.
The criminal case involved two Haitian men who were charged with gang raping a young Haitian woman. After the two rapists were convicted, the Dishonorable Monique sentenced, Patrick Lucien and Evens Sannon to 100 hours of community service and 18 months of house arrest.
In a lame attempt at humor, Monique ordered the convicted rapists to not have any contact with the victim.
Prosecutor Helene DiSalvo asked Monique to sentence the rapists to four and five years for Lucien and Sannon, respectively.
Monique commented on her controversial, mild sentence, “the absence of regret of the two accused seems to be related to the cultural context, particularly with regard to relations to women.” Clearly, Monique the Moron missed her calling as a standup comedian.
The director of a Haitian religious organization in Montreal said, “She’s [Monique] saying it’s normal for Haitian men to carry out group rage and not feel any remorse. I find that outrageous.”
Women’s rights activist Evelyne Margron condemned the ruling, “The judge is saying that Haitian women consent to being sexually assaulted. It is as false in Haiti as elsewhere.”
It is absolutely amazing how a totally ignorant loser like Monique Dubreuil was able to dupe the powers-to-be into appointing her to the bench. It would appear that no self-respecting law firm in the Montreal area was about offer Monique the Loser a good paying job.

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