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Former Judge Denys Dionne of Quebec; certified misogynist

Former Judge Denys Dionne is yet another in a long list of judges in Canada who have proven they had absolutely no right to sit in judgment of anyone.
While presiding over a case of sexual assault, Denys decided it was time to forever cement his status as one of Canada’s Premier Judicial Misogynists.
During a hearing involving a sexual assault against a woman by her ex-husband, Judge Dionne ridiculed her on several occasions. Dionne’s most misogynistic comment was:
 “Rules are like women, made to be violated.”
After being mistreated by Denys the Loser, the woman withdrew her charges, which led Denys to tell her, if she every tried to accuse another man of rape, she will not be believed, or else supported by the so-called Canadian legal system, because of her actions of withdrawal. The Loser then wondered for the record if she would continue a pattern of accusations and withdrawals against other men.
As a consequent of conduct, the Patron Saints for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Quebec Disciplinary Committee punished Denys the Loser by gifting him with a complimentary 4-month suspension from the bench.

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