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U.S. Judge Christine Arguello of Denver; apologist for Porn Surfers

The state of Colorado presented Christine M. Arguello with a law license in 1980.
President George Bush was duped into nominating Christine Arguello as a U.S. Judge for the District of Colorado in 2008. Christine wasn’t the most qualified attorney in the Denver area to receive a lifetime judicial appointment. She received the appointment because she had dedicated her career to acting as a compliant lackey for the local political hacks.
In the recent past, several assistant U.S. Attorneys were busted for spending up to eight (8) hours a day watching porn while receiving taxpayer funded salaries.
Subsequently, the Denver Post sought the names of the government employees who spent the majority of their workday surfing for porn under the Freedom of Information Act. When the government refused the request, the Post filed a lawsuit that ended up before Judge Arguello.
Unbelievably, Judge Arguello denied the Post’s demand for the names of the government employed porn-surfers, by stating in part, “The court concludes that the public interest in the individuals’ names is negligible.”
To rule that it’s none of the taxpaying public’s business to know the names of government attorneys surfing for porn on the public’s dime is absurd. In fact, it doesn’t’ pass the involuntary laugh test. The public has an absolute right to know the names of these so-called attorneys so that ethics complaints can be filed with the appropriate disciplinary agencies.
And lastly, the public needs to know who these folks are so that they are made to reimburse the government for the wages they were paid while surfing for porn.
Since Judge Arguello is 57-years old (ca. Sept 2012) and because she has a lifetime appointment, its likely she’ll be spewing forth more absurd rulings for the next 20 or more years.



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