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Texas Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson; scofflaw, moron, ethically impaired

Chief Justice Jefferson Wallace not only suffers from a lack of ethics, he’s a moron.
Texas Election laws allow for the use of campaign funds by judges to attend judicial conferences and/or seminars. It also allows the use of campaign funds to attend so-called continuing legal education (CLE) classes. This is allowed because the Texas Ethics Commission has ruled that said expenditures are specifically related to a judge’s official capacity as an elected official.
In August 2007, Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson embarked on a lengthy trip to Turkey under the auspices of the “Institute of International Faith Dialogue.” Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson illegally billed his campaign $2,377.25 to defer the costs he incurred to attend this Religious forum. Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson’s campaign records show the following entry:
  • Above/Beyond Travel, 2007080, $2,377.25, Inst. Of Interfaith Dialog Conf. in Turkey 
This use of campaign funds is not only facially absurd, it is patently illegal. Attending a religious conference/pilgrimage in Turkey that was ostensibly designed to improve relations with those of the Islamic faith has absolutely nothing to do with the duties of Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson. With all due respect to those of the Islamic faith, can anyone assert with a straight face that those who contributed to Jefferson Wallace’s campaign did so with the knowledge that he was going to spend their money in this fashion? I seriously doubt it.
This 10 day pilgrimage had absolutely nothing to do with Jefferson’s official officeholders duties as Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court. Moreover, it certainly was not relevant to any legitimate campaign activity since I’m not aware that citizens of Turkey are allowed to vote in Texas, are you?
Information regarding the Interfaith Trip to Turkey can found on the Internet at:
http://www.interfaithdialog.org/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1. The website boasts that “a group of people from Austin visited Turkey for 10 days, boarded 14 planes on 7 different flights, traveled over 20,000 miles, and visited 5 cities, 4 seas, and 2 continents. Isn’t that special?
Sadly, this ethically deprived moron sits as the administrator of the justice system in Texas. To be excruciatingly fair to Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson, his egregious misconduct pales in comparison to that of his brother-in-arms Ohio Chief Justice Thomas Moyer.
And lastly, it would appear that Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson misinterpreted what Al Pacino really said in the Godfather movie. FYI Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson, Al Pacino did not say “It’s not bidness, its personal!”
If Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson was the script writer for the original Godfather movie, he would have had Al Pacino say “It’s not bidness, its persona” in defense of his illegal expenditure of campaign funds. Bada Bing, Bada Bang!

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