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Judge Judith Chirlin of Los Angeles; ethical dwarf, certified moron

Judge Judith Chirlin is another Judicial Misfit running amok in California.


Unfortunately for actress Kim Bassinger, Judge Judith “Judge Judy” Chirlin was assigned to a case wherein Main Line Pictures, Inc sued her for breach of contract.
Main Line Pictures sued Kim Bassinger for allegedly breaching a contract to star in a movie titled “Boxing Helena,” which was subsequently completed and released with a different female lead. An unreliable source indicated that the “different female lead” was none other than Rosie O’Donnell.
As you can imagine, the lawsuit attracted significant media attention to the subject matter and the obvious celebrity of Kim Bassinger.
On March 23, 1993, a verdict was rendered in favor of Main Line Pictures. Subsequently, Kim Bassinger filed an appeal of the verdict.
During the pendancy of the appeal, Judge Judith Chirlin received an invitation from the producer of “Boxing Helena” to attend the premier in Los Angeles. Despite the fact that the lawsuit was still pending, Judge Judith “The Moron” Chirlin accepted the producer’s invitation and attended the premiere of the movie.
Following the premiere of the movie, Judge Judith Chirlin then attended a reception held by the producer at a Los Angeles Restaurant.
The California Judicial Commission ruled that Judge Judith Chirlin’s attendance at the premier and subsequent reception was not only improper but would lead any reasonable person to conclude that Judge Judith Chirlin was biased in favor of Main Line Pictures.
As expected, Judge Judith Chirlin (“The Moron”) had the chutzpah to assert that not only wasn’t she biased against Kim Bassinger, but that the mere appearance of bias was nonexistent.
This ol’ Dawg’s youngest daughter is a producer in Hollywood and she found Judge Judith Chirlin’s claims to be absurd. In fact, Judge Judith Chirlin’s proclamation that she wasn’t biased against Kim Bassinger doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test.
In keeping true to the Judicial Industry’s mantra that judges are “held to a higher standard of conduct,” the Judicial Commission presented Judge Judith Chirlin with a complimentary “public admonishment.” Goshes and Gollies and Gee Whillikers, I bet that was painful!
Unfortunately, Judge Judith Chirlin (The Moron) continues to sit as a Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles County.
Seems to me that Judge Judith Chirlin is a impotent Judge Judy Wannabee; albeit a rather inept, intellectually deprived and rather sorry excuse for the “real” Judge Judy Sheindlin, right?
I can’t speak for you fellows out there, but would you rather have had Kim Bassinger as your Senior Prom date or Judge Judith Chirlin? I’ll leave it to all of you alleged “virile males” running amok to make that determination based on available online photos of Kim Bassinger and Judge Chirlin.

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