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Judge Gustavo Garza of Brownsville, TX; pervert; ethically deprived, moron

Judge Gustavo Garza is a moron; ethical leper-con and pervert, and these are his good points.


 Judge Gustavo Garza thought it was acceptable to offer parents the option of paying a fine or paddling their children in the court while he was present.
In one case, Judge Gustavo Garza gave Daniel Zurita the option of paddling his 14-year-old-stepdaughter in his courtroom or of paying a $500 fine because the girl had skipped school.
Given the fact that the median income for a family and for males in Cameron County (Brownville) was $27,853 and $22,755 respectively, is it any wonder that Mr. Zurita opted to paddle his stepdaughter in the presence of Judge Gustavo “The Perv” Garza rather than pay a $500 fine? After all, $500 was likely much more than Mr. Zurita’s take-home pay for one week.
Associated Press (ca. June 9, 2008) reported that ninety-eight (98%) of the unfortunate folks that appeared in Judge Gustavo Garza’s courtroom opted to paddle their minor children rather than pay the unjustified and clearly unconscionable fines he offered as a so-called option.
To be excruciatingly fair to Judge Gustavo “Garza, he did exhibit some compassion for his victims in that he provided two paddles in his courtroom for the purpose of dispensing his perverted idea of justice.
An unreliable source indicated the two paddles were manufactured by The Marquis De Sade Paddle Corporation located in a suburb outside of Paris, France. Wow, I’m impressed, how about you?
In cementing his exalted position as a certified moron (my apologies to morons), Judge Gustavo Garza said, “It is lawful” for him to offer a paddling option verses the payment of exorbitant finds. Judge Gustavo Garza went on to say that he never ordered a parent to paddle a child; he simply offered it as an option in place of a fine and a criminal misdemeanor mark on the child’s record. (Associated Press) Goshes and gollies and Gee whillikers, I feel a lot better now, don’t you?
Attorney Mark Sossi, who is representing several victims of Judge Gustavo Garza’s perverted conduct said, “It’s not really a choice when your choice is buying groceries or spanking your child.” And doing it in open court in front of other parents and juveniles caused “humiliation, fear and mental anguish,’ according to the lawsuit filed by Mr. Sossi. (Associated Press)
What attorney Mark Sossi and the parents are saying is clearly true; however, didn’t Judge Gustavo Garza have an absolute right to enjoy the proceedings while on the bench? One can only imagine how many organisms Judge Gustavo Garza experienced while viewing the paddling of little girls and/or boys for that matter in his courtroom.
The impotent apologists and enablers sitting on the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct meted out a very harsh and unprecedented punishment to Judge Gustavo Garza. They did so after ruling that Judge Gustavo Garza “consistently failed to follow the law.”
And what was the harsh punishment visited upon Judge Gustavo Garza by the losers sitting on the Judicial Commission you ask? Judge Gustavo Garza was provided with a “complimentary Public Warning.” Damn, I bet that was like really painful, right?
Just another fine example of the enablers on the Judicial Commission holding one of their members to a “higher standard of conduct,” right? Praise the Lord and pass the Paddle!
Unfortunately, Judge Gustavo Garza remains on the bench in Brownsville, Texas despite his repeated violations of the law. Isn’t Brownsville, Texas a wonderful country?



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