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Judge Peter Bowers of England; apologist for criminals, moron

Judge Peter Bowers sits on the Teeside Town Court located in Middlesbrough, England.
Peter is a die-in-the-wool apologist for burglars in addition to being a certified moron.
While confronting Richard Rochford who had burglarized three homes in five days in his so-called court, Peter said: “it takes a huge amount of courage, as far as I can see, for somebody to burgle somebody’s house. I wouldn’t have the nerve.” Judge Bowers then suspended a 12-month prison term for placed him on probation.
When Prime Minister David Cameron heard about Pete the Moron’s comments, he said “I am very clear that burglary is not bravery. Burglary is cowardice. Burglary is a hateful crime.”
Judge Bowers’ conduct further proves that the Judicial Misfits in the United Kingdom are the same as they are here in the U.S. of A.
The Office for Judicial Complaints (OJC) has received numerous complaints about the comments made by the Dishonorable Judge Bowers.
Given the sorry record of the enablers for Judicial Misfits sitting on the OJC, it’s very unlikely that Bowers will receive any meaningful punishment. At worst he may receive a complimentary admonishment.
I wonder how Bowers the Moron would respond if his home was burglarized? He’d probably offer the criminal a spot of tea.

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