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Is 9th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals run amok with practicing perverts and ethical elves?


It would appear that “surfing-for-porn” is an Olympian sport in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.


In a 38-page complaint, former Director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts Leonidas Ralph Mecham (ca. 1985-2006) alleged that 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Chief Judge Alex Kozinski committed “felonies and other crimes” by temporarily turning off the courts’ Internet security system. (Michael Doyle reporter McClatchy Newspapers – Dec. 2, 2008)
Mr. Mecham went on to tell McClatchy Newspaper reporter Michael Doyle, “He [Judge Kozinski] robbed judges of both their internet privacy and security … solely to ensure that he and some judges and some court staff could continue to download pornography illegally in their chambers while not being detected.”
“In just one 28-day period, for instance, a Ninth Circuit study found that there were over 90,000 hits on 1,100 pornographic sites,” Mecham said. “In just one year fully 50 percent of the increased use of the Judiciary’s (Internet) bandwidth was to download pornography in the federal courts, on court computers by court officials and employees.” (McClatchy)
Mr. Meacham asserted that “judging from the titles of the materials downloaded in the courts,” some material may have included “child pornography.”
In the real world anyone using a company and/or government computer to surf for porn would be shown the door. Since federal judges are clearly held to a “lower standard of conduct” than you, then surfing for porn while being paid a salary funded by the public appears to be acceptable conduct, right?
Goshes and gollies and Gee whillikers looks as though some of our esteemed judges are working overtime surfing for porn. It must be nice to earn $95 an hour while surfing for porn? And of course there’s the added fringe benefit of building up one’s bicep, right?



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